Where are my league tokens?

I just bought league tokens to buy mercys new skin but they have yet to appear on my account, why does this happen?

When i was going to buy reapers luchador skin it happened as well, and i had to wait like 1 day until i saw the tokens had appeared on my account.

Is this a bug or something? Or does it just take time???

This has never happened to me before, only with these two skins and it’s just so annoying honestly.

Please completely close the game client and relaunch it. Let me know if that worked.


Hi there xD
Happend to me to. I just restarted a game and it was there.

Thanks! I do believe this is a minor bug they are tracking but restarting the game client typically works. Apologies for the inconvenience, and I hope you enjoy the new skin!


Uh oh!
Did we lose Mr. 1% already?

Either way, welcome!
You guys are aware a large portion of us dislike 5v5, right?

Slides slice of pizza across desk as peace offering

Oh, oh hi WM.