When will you admit that the nerf to roadhog's scrap gun was a mistake?

Seriously. Roadhog can’t kill anything reliably, can’t provide anything for his team (infact he provides for the enemy team if anything with how much he feeds), and is just useless.

Revert his gun, or fix it so it can deal consistent damage. Hog right now, just… can’t do anything of worth, nothing he does right now makes up for his negatives as they did before. If you are legitimately not reworking him as you so claim, then whatever change is being made had better fix his inability to reliably kill people. Roadhog has the same issue bastion has right now. Traded offensive capability for defensive, meaning he can take a lot of damage, but can’t do any meaningful damage himself, so all he does is feed ult charge.

Please. Just fix him. His inability to deal good damage has left him useless.


The devs nerfed his damage specifically so he couldn’t reliably combo peeps. I don’t see that changing.

Give his gun the Doomfist treatment at least, like they did with Torb.


Well now he’s finally a shotgun hero

Outside of his combo, his gun was designed to be a lot weaker. By nerfing it in his combo, it is nigh upon useless outside of it.

Them nerfing his gun with no compensation to reliability in the same way that they infact made bastion even LESS reliable, has made him useless. It’s as simple as that.

:slight_smile: He’s already getting changed, be patient

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Ehm… Yeah. So, I’m No, We. We’re not allowed to worry that whatever change it is will not help hog at all?

i just wish we knew more details tbh, anxious about the changes

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They’ll probably put a weaker version of his ult on E


how is it possible to make whole hog weaker? :stuck_out_tongue:


Seems to be their only solution as of late for reworks…

By giving it a shorter duration?Idk dude

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All I have to say is that, after waiting about 15 months to see the impacts of the changes, I can conclude this with certainty that any version of roadhog that can’t combo people reliably, is useless, will always be useless, and will feed way too much for it to be worth picking him.

Blizzard’s reluctance to have roadhog’s hook combo be good or by proxy be good by buffing his gun’s reliability, will and has led the character to ruin.


This is coming from a Hog main.

I understand and respect that, but why would you be okay with it being inconsistent?

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I’m just being realistic. Besides, I usually one-shot, or get them low enough for a teammate to finish the job.

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Yeah, it was a mistake.
The majority of reworks Blizz did was, to be honest.

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the pros use him reliably, if you are having problems playing roadhog then try not blaming the game, and consider that you’re not a god.

There are invariably present issues with hog right now regarding his spread in relation to the damage he deals. His effective range for securing a kill has been significantly reduced.

His pickrate is 1/4th of what it used to be in grandmaster as of this week.

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cause he’s a little bit more situational now.