When will new PTR changes come?

Well today just started to it can still happen later


Patience is a virtue, blizzard ain’t required to patch every time you want them to

I wanna see the ptr changes for three things

  1. are they gonna nerf rein? I suspect no and they might nerf lucio to indirectly nerf him like the last time they did. OR they might give him a slap on the wrist nerf lol
  2. are they gonna finally nerf mei with actually proper nerfs that address her issues?
  3. Who else are they gonna nerf or buff? I have feeling they are gonna buff junkrat idky

How about no PTR? Just patch it straight to live, with the more “out there” changes in the experimental card.

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Whatever happened to those? I thought they were supposed to start a while ago.

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It could happen in 2 hrs 30 mins if it is the experimental card coming to the live servers.

If it is a PTR patch, it could be anytime within the next 6 hours.

But all this is assuming something is coming today, which isn’t guaranteed.

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but its like almost the end of feb

omg I luv ur song like that

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We still have 10 days of February


don’t be so pessimistic :pensive:

I thought that was the feature they said wouldn’t even start till possibly the end of Feb.

Granted, it’s getting to that point, but I could have sworn Jeff mentioned some feature was deep in the works and not to expect it till at least the end of Feb.

Ice cream guy ain’t required to give you ice cream every time you want you

Next week is the end of February. When they say the end of a month they typically mean it.

Well when their game is gonna die from lack of content balance patches are the least they can do

Ouch. Are you okay?

compliment me like that and I’ll repay ya :wink:

Pontentially in 2-4 hours there’ll be a ptr patch.

I thought it would’ve happened by now

Slap on the wrist? dude all Rein got was steadyfast. You want them to remove that and nerf something else? are you nuts?