When will I get unbanned from comp?

Ever since a few patches ago, I think it may be fixed now, my game has been crashing here and there. I would always rejoin a crashed match when possible. But I guess that in the past two days I guess I hit the “Leaver” limit and was banned for 8 hours when I left a competitive skirmish. I was banned for an indeterminate amount of time when the Overwatch server crashed just as our game was ending. I have video proof of the crash, plus another player who was in the same game.

I have never left a game out of spite. I am often the shot caller for our team and I flex every single game. It’s sorta unpleasant, cause all I wanna do is really play comp. On top of that, I have lost 110 SR due to me “Leaving games.” SR losses only occurred in the events listed above.

I would happily sit down in discord and recount everything and show you evidence of actual crashes on my side and yours. It sucks not being able to play your favorite game.

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Blizz doesn’t like people talking about actions on their account in the forums, and they also have it prohibited in the code of conduct. But in short, no, all disconnections are the responsibility of the player, regardless of reason. They had some disconnects today, but judging from the post you made a few days ago, I think you should probably investigate your connection issue before you queue for any more Comp games and escalate to perma-ban. More info on leaver penalties here: Overwatch Technical Issues, SR Loss, and Leaver Penalties - #5

Connection troubleshooting steps here: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/194380

I’ve actually never had connection issues. It only happened once and it happened to presumably all twelve players, guaranteed 2. The leaving of the Comp Skirmish I don’t know about, because I was in a group and they continued onto the game without any problems. The other times were crashes which have since been fixed.