When is the Doom/Pharah aerial glitch being fixed?


Since Doom’s introduction, there’s been a glitch that renders most of Pharah’s 3D movement when uppercutted and punched by Doom. For an extended period of time in relation to ground based heroes.

Essentially it boils down to Pharah being airborne as a result of Doomfist’s volition rather than her own, and because Doom acted upon Pharah while airborne or using her abilities, she loses all control for about double if not triple the distance any other hero would be subjected to as a result of being attacked on the ground.

You can still hover, look around shoot and use abilities after the the impact, but X axis moment and Y axis movement in the direction of Doom is voided entirely for about 4-6 seconds.

So when’s this getting looked at? With Doom more frequently used, I’m seeing this at a rate higher than previously seen, so it’s less of a nuisance now and more of an actual problem.


This isn’t a glitch, this is how EVERY hero behaves when they get uppercut by doom. The only difference is that most heroes are near the ground and land quickly - but if a hero gets uppercut off a ledge or cliff they behave just like pharah.

The duration is getting reduced drastically in the next PTR patch though (to 0.6 seconds IIRC).

EDIT: hang on, just saw that the next PTR is up. Here’s the patch note you’re interested in:


Ahhhhh that’s better.

We’ll see though for sure