When does the beta end?

I thought it ended at 11 today XD

it was supposed to end 1 hour ago as all ow events

Today, July 18th, is the last full day of the Beta, and there are still several more hours to go before the playtest ends. For some of you, this will be deep into the 19th for your local time zone. Enjoy everyone!



Not sure if you know but your messages don’t appear in the blizz tracker, due to that they are less visible than usual, only found them now.

Can we get a specific time and tz, or is the exact time contingent on backend/ops stuff?

Craig!!! It’s so good to see you. :slight_smile: Official and all, I love it.

Thanks for the info!

That’s great to hear. I would love it if the beta could be extended a bit longer.

It’s most likely going to end tomorrow at 6:00 PM PM

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Sweet, more time to keep testing some things I thought I’d missed my chance to. There’s something I’d like to get back to on Junkertown. There’s some good news there for us Brig players :wink:

BTW, I finally have a chance to say: congrats on the promotion~ :partying_face: :tada: :sparkles:

I’m just glad we have a release date/window this time around cause this would have felt like the longest august imaginable lol