WHEN Do You See Low Level Smurfs?

I see a lot of complaints around here about all of these low level accounts, obviously very skilled, ruining people’s games.

What i’m wondering is, WHEN you do see them? Randomly?

What i notice is that each time i win two games, the 3rd game has one or two low levels in there.

Of course, just lost a game where the brand new low level Reaper dominated at the end of the game. So my 62 elims 24k damage goes towards a loss, that i don’t think would have been a loss if these games were legit low gold.

It’s fine. I accept it is how it is. A good game helps me in the long run, i did lose a bit less SR. Not the end of the world, but…

It’s a pattern i’m starting to see. Win a couple, face what seems like a low level smurf.

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Everyone worse than me is a bot, everyone better than me is a smurf


You know that I am climbing on my alt now right? I have been watching very closely everyone on enemy side or mine with low level and so far I can say that majority of these low level players are new people to the game or players who created alt acc but dont belong higher than platinum.

Also sorry I am dumb, i played way too many games and I cant see our games anymore we played. I wanted to give you review :frowning:

There used to be many low level smurf accounts(You can tell they are smurfs, because they had good skill and game sense like movement and positioning). But now, I rarely see any real low level smurfs, many new accounts are just blatant cheaters who has bronze game sense and movement, but with inhuman aim lol.:joy::joy::joy::joy: Its not even that hard to beat them even they got aimbot, because their game sense is so bad.

That’s okay. Maybe we can play another time, it was a lot of fun. I did go back and watch my games, and am now doing that more often. It’s very interesting, i can see everything from my aim in slow motion, to mistakes i made. Like that 3rd game, the one we lost, i probably spent too much time testing the flanks and should have just went Mei or Reaper and got on the payload.

I find you see a lot more of them in the early hours of the morning, after midnight. Idk why.

Nope its your brain having a little trouble with reality. Its usually not the truth when your brain is starting to see a pattern in this context.

Generally when I’ve won a few games in a row they start popping up


Right after a win streak the following play session. They dont have to be low level accounts though since a lot of people left this game and account sharing is common. Faced a mid masters genji on a losing streak who admitted his real rank after spending 70% of the match on fire with me the only one on my team noticing he was a clear smurf.

Yes people are just too dumb to follow patterns and trends. That must be all there is to it. Once you arrive at the conclusion you are seeking you stop looking into it.

I think what’s really happening is that your sample size is so small and your standards are too flexible that you’re finding a pattern where there isn’t any out of pure desperation.

I considered this in the beginning, but it does not pan out in the long term. My sample size is pretty large considering I have been playing since the game came out.

But you also have to consider the other point I made. Your standards are just too flexible.

You literally said

I’m not necessarily saying you’re completely wrong, but once you stop taking level into account and just start looking at whether or not they’re good, it gets to the point where you just start writing everyone who’s better than you off as a smurf, whether they actually are one or not. Of course you’re going to see a massive increase in “smurfs” when that’s the case.

Again, I do understand that account sharing and power leveling smurf accounts are a thing, but I also understand that in the heat in the moment, people don’t exactly like to look at things objectively and would rather write off their performance with whatever excuse they can come up with. This is also why I hate when people try to tell others to report smurfs, because they’re wrong a lot more often than you might think.

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I dont put any importance on an accounts level, but more so on how players perform in the match.

Replay is a great feature because it allows me to confirm what I suspect in-game. 90% I hit it right on the money. DPS healers, wasting ults, trickling, feeding, etc… But I am told that I am not seeing what I can witness clearly? Utter nonsense.

OW lacks consistency of competency in matches. Of course this only holds true if you Solo Q and arent smurfing 3-4 tiers below where you normally play.

If you’re level 100 with pinpoint Widow or Hanzo aim, chances are you’re on a smurf. I don’t know why people try to front it.

No one is buying their first OW account at this stage of the game.

Hmm, maybe this is my problem. I play a lot from 11pm - 3am. Neckbeard hours, i guess.

Well, the game is in a very mature state, not much new content or even a promotion. However there are a lot of low level accounts around (<Lv 200), and they usually play really badly, basically throwing, or godlike killing everything, barely missing shots, 3-4 kill blades every fight, etc, all this in my current rank of low-mid Gold, to the point that every time I see a low level account I get suspicious.

I’ve even seen a few cheaters locking aim behind walls and buildings with 0 gamesense (McCree not going on high grounds, etc), but from what I saw the cheaters are more common on the GM-T500 streamers’ games I watch. Not only aimbots, but Tracers dodging projectiles perfectly all the time like an auto-blink/recall and things like that. Usually those are accompanied by a low level wintrader in the other team.

From what I heard people bought new accounts in a promotion a while ago and are boosting them to GM and selling for massive profit. They are using cheats and wintraders to speed up the process, especially since the game seems to have gotten more vulnerable since the Workshop update.

Same. Win 3 or more and then a lose strike awaits for me .

Every game lol

every win streak is followed by a loss streak
kinda like MM is trying to REALLY drag out the process of ranking up
but it could also be a loss streak caused by
getting tilted
getting tired
time of day (Whos playing / their state of mind /etc)
but the way it happens sometimes…
I’ve tried so many different ways of doing it.
Finding out which days I have the highest win rate and only playing on those days? nope. Finding out which TIME of day has been best for me? nope. Taking breaks after I lose 2 in a row? nope. still come back and continue to loss streak until about 300-500sr is lost. and then magically go back up until I get one win more than last time (still keeping me at an average 54%win rate) and then it repeats yet again…
I could literally play my worst hero on the worst map during a win streak and still win. On a loss streak I could LITERALLY have an average E/D of FIVE and still lose.