When did they change the audio?


Do I need to buy this software ?


It’s on your OW sound options right at the bottom


T.h.a.n.k y.o.u !!! :slight_smile:


I am partially deaf and I can’t hear a lot of the smaller sounds anyway, so I understand how you guys must be feeling about it, I wish I could hear that stuff.

I suggest turning on subtitles if you are having such an issue, it has been the best update to the game for me so far, perhaps you can use it until the bug is fixed.


Sorry to hear that. (pun not intended :S) I tried the subtitles but I found them more distracting than helping but I’m glad it helps you out. The issue was figured out so no need for it now, gladly. :slight_smile:


There’s a bug in latest Windows update that screws sounds in video games. Just uninstall the latest update and everything will go back to normal. It has nothing to do with Overwatch itself, it’s just M$ guys testing buggy raw features on their customers.





That’s good to know, thank you phpony. :grin:


Well I don’t think it’s dolby atmos that is the problem. A tech support dude in another thread even told people to try and turn it off.


Yeah, I’ve been getting flanked by Junkrat of all things and that dude has some very distinctive and loud footsteps. And yes, I’ll watch the killcam and he’s not crouching, he just strolls up to me and I don’t know he’s there till I get the ol nade+mine combo to the face.

Honestly, it’s footsteps that have been really bugged for me. Everything else seems to be working as intended…I think


Sorry to hear that. (pun not intended :S)

Oh kek


It’s the windows update according to blizz Broken sound from behind


Too bad I’m not hearing footsteps behind me… ON WINDOWS 7!


That’s odd, that dolby atmos fixed it for me :S I hope they figure it out soon


Yeah sound is weird, I can’t really hear enemies anymore, it’s like everyone is sneaking but in the killcam they clearly walk normally but I couldn’t hear any of it.


yeah i made a thread about this a short while ago
i don’t hear stuff like soldier running, pharah’s rocket jump or even reinhardt’s charge

it’s a bug apparently tho ?


ps4 has it too though


What’s McCree’s ult line again, haven’t heard it in years.


They say footsteps is a bug, but I call bs as I can still hear teammates footsteps and ball rolling. They took it away because of closed captions setting and they aren’t giving it back.


Weird. Didn’t know Windows ran on my PS4. Sounds are mess there too.


I feel like im the only person who can hear the footsteps crystal clear crisp perfectly.