When did Overwatch become more frustrating for you and less fun?

That’s why I think the best thing you should do is play with two friends, and always pick one from each role within your group. Rotate the roles around if everyone wants to play DPS.

3-stack is the best team size to play this game.

I mean. This would not happen if there were no babysitter roles, but eh.

Its not like people want to play as a healer in a sh…OOPS.

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I have two support mains in my RL friend list, at least one tank main, and while I consider myself a builder main (Sym/Torb), I can play and have fun with all tanks and Brigitte as well.

You might not enjoy those roles, but there are plenty of people who do. Find them. Befriend them. Get the best matches of your life when you play with them.

I guess players still adore the lore and quality, but truth be told. Nothing is really engaging in Overwatch when the game they rarely tweak heroes. If anything the tweak toolkit already has a lot of cobwebs around it.

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You know a game is well designed when people say: Well, i know you dont like playing the $#it classes, but befriend someone who is masochist enough to like it…

This game design is the best

This was probably sarcasm, but yeah, good design in a hero-based game is exactly creating different game experiences so that a larger playerbase finds someone they enjoy playing.

Eg, I’m not a FPS player. I have zero interest into playing heroes like Soldier, Ashe and Widow. Symmetra, Torbjorn, Winston and Reinhardt were the reasons why Overwatch kept me for over two years.

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I don’t actually like competitive games very much, but I tolerate those where I can play characters or roles that can contribute despite the fact that I’m not always the greatest at the mechanical aspects of the game: such as aiming. I’m not very good at aiming. I can’t twitch-shoot. It’s just too much to process too quickly and because of disabilities, I can’t do it.

Overwatch was great for that, but any time the characters I can play become just unplayable against certain other characters (Pharah, naturally, is a major point of contention for me), it becomes nothing but a slog.

So, Overwatch was always frustrating for me, at some times more than others. It remains so to this day, and likely will into the far-flung future because when lesser-skilled players are given an answer to compete with higher-skilled players, the high-skill players throw a fit and basically get that removed from the game (like Brigitte, for example). Brigitte was an experiment in true hard-counter, and Blizzard walked it back. They’ll never do that again, rest assured.

Also whenever I stack up with my friends, it becomes insanely frustrating. Because the matchmaking focuses entirely on matching with other stacks of similar size and completely ignores skill level, MMR, or whatever else. Due to this, that “50/50 win/loss” they shoot for gets blown out of the water and pretty much doesn’t exist. I want them to implement an SR system similar to competitive for all game modes where teams are forcibly paired with other teams of similar rank total. At least then I wouldn’t get curb stomped every time I wanna play with more than two of my friends at a time.


The day decay was put into Diamond. Job and life means I don’t have the time sink necessary to turn Competitive into a job so I keep what I earned instead of losing SR because I have to go away for a week or weekend.

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That is so nice, you are so special for liking the $#it jobs.
Here is your cookie.

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When Brig was released. Dive was only really an issue for people who were at higher ranks, yet blizzard decided to release the broken mess anyway because people who watched esports were getting tired of dive. Now brig was a must pick and I didn’t want to pick brig, because she is boring and feels cheap and I feel guilty playing her.

DF buffs made playing Ana/Zen a pain. Hanzo buffs made tanking a pain. I went from flexing into pretty much every hero to playing only 2 or 3. Stopped playing for a month until the latest brig nerfs went live.

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I main Sombra. So when they buffed her, instantly nerfed her, and didn’t test it out. Then they buffed her again and while infinite invis CAN be worked with, there’s still a million and one things wrong with her. Nevermind the fact that playing her in the first places opens one up to ALL the verbal abuse and toxicity. I’d been dealing with that BEFORE the initial buff, but it definitely gets old. But I’m not gonna stop playing my main EITHER. Maybe the game, though. I’ll admit I’ve gone from playing it every night to three times in 3 weeks.

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big mood on this one, i’ve decayed back to 3000 so much lately because of a busy schedule so i completely agree on this one

when they started adding 1 button heroes

left click brigitte
junkrat spamming left click or throwing 2 mines at you
hanzos rapid arrow buff
right click mcree
sombras 1 second to cast 50000 second hack
tracer becoming garbage (ult is weak… getting shot in the foot by hanzo is like a headshot… etc)

It all dates back to the EXACT moment they made mercy into a 4 man solo res hero. And most of the updates since made it worse and worse and worse.

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When my choices became hard stuck between Reinhardt or main healers if a working comp needed to be made.

My response: Play mystery heroes between long bouts of ignoring this game because I don’t want to play babysitting roles.

Since they added doomfist to this game.

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When brigette was released

since every game i play is 5 dps


Brigitte’s release
Hanzo’s buff

Those two updates killed my love for this game. I still play, but it’s not near what it once was. I find myself playing more and more of games like osu! and OSRS and less Overwatch.

when this horrible thing happened.

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