When are you gonna support proper ultrawide 21:9?

I’m sorry but your 21:9 (ultrawide) setup is awful

The fact the your excuse for making ultrawide monitors like how they are now is because you will get a competitive advantage.

Have you heard of 144hz or 244hz monitors? Well they give a huge advantage over 60hz users so why make ultrawide users see 33% less screen than a standard 16:9 users?

This game is already unfair for competitive play by reasons stated above. So what is the problem with having a ultrawide users having an edge over standard users?

I got a ultrawide monitor because I do a lot of editing and Photoshop designs what is so much easier to do on a ultrawide however overwatch is my favorite game and you basically can’t play because you have a massive disadvantage.


Hey 21:9 user here who wants real 21:9 support. Your argument doesn’t make sense. You’re complaining about how you’re put at a disadvantage and how that’s bad, but then say “what’s wrong with having Ultrawide users having an edge?” . By that logic it’s fine that 16:9 users have a slight advantage over 21:9.

They should fix it because it’s not advantageous and their current solution makes the game look terrible on a monitor people buy for productivity or so their games look better in glorious 21:9.

21:9 isn’t an edge, if you want that competitive edge you should still use a 200hz+ 16:9 monitor over your 21:9. Even if the game supported 21:9.


21:9 will never be supported, a simple look at the many people that have looked at both OW net code and graphics engine, have clearly stated in just in the way the graphics engine has been encoded and how many other things that have been tied into just the screen refresh rate alone that makes 21:9 plain impossible.

Stop asking for the impossible.


i’m pretty sure they said never, unfair advantage, something like that, buy proper sized screen


95% sure you’re making this up. Particularly since netcode would not impact the viability of supporting 21:9.


yeah sorry i am not making it up. Overwatch’s code is so far off the charts compared to normal games it is not funny. Basically the devs took Titans (Worth looking up, it was the failed project that became Overwatch.) graphics engine and then frankensteined it so heavily that it is the core part of code that controls everything else.

They had 21:9 support in beta however since it gave ultrawide users an extra 33% more screen they removed it.

So 21:9 was in the game (a good 21:9) however they removed it because it gave made it “unfair for a competitive game”

However if you buy a 144hz monitor you will have an advantage over normal 60hz users. And blizzard said 21:9 what they had on beta gave the ultra wide users a 33% increase what made the game “not fair for a competitive game”

What makes 0 sense because 144hz people have a advantage over 60hz users what should apply in the same way “not fair for a competitive game”


Yeah I’ll buy a 144+hz monitor and use a GPU that lets me run over 200 FPS so I can react way faster than the average player. This is a common practice for a true competitive advantage in OW and you can bet everyone in OWL does this. 21:9 has some advantages, but also some clear disadvantages unlike framerate. There is a reason some FPS pros prefer 4:3 when 16:9 exists.

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So the argument is :
the game is more playable on 21/9 so lets make it look ugly af on this aspect ration monitors…
Playing a lot of FPS on 21/9 this is the only time I see a FOV locked so close to the user.
But yeah, I’m quite sure games will support better and better this awesome aspect ratio.
And as I like the update they keep putting in this game. I’ll continue with my “disaventaged” 3440x1440 120hz screen :smiley:
Love you devs from blizzard !

The advantage is not so huge. But it is very big when you compare the width of the screen. The amount of info you can get just because you can see more to the side is huge.

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This. Basically this.

Not at all. The only difference is that a player with 144Hz be able to react slightly faster than player with 60Hz. Only that.

But, a player with 21:9 ratio will be able to see more information per frame than a player with a 16:9 or less just because of the width of the screen.

You cannot compare FPS with aspect ratio, proves that many people have no idea what they are talking about.

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So with other words:

A player with 21:9 aspect ration who plays the game on a 60Hz monitor will have 33% of advantage over a player that plays with a same Hz but on 16:9 ratio.

A player with 21:9 ration but with 120Hz will have ~<66% advantage because he will se more data to the side plus those information will be displayed more quickly.

A player with 16:9 - 120Hz will not have 33% more advantage over a player with 16:9 - 60Hz. It will be around ~<16%.

So having a 33% advantage and having 16% advantage is a huge difference.

Overwatch 2 would be my guess.

so your saying seeing less from a ultra wide is better?

because ultrawide users see less than the 16:9

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I tried to write in a simple English.

Where did I ever wrote this?
I never said that, you did.
Do not put your words into my mouth.

Honestly, they could hard code the game for a 2:1 ratio, so that 16:9 users lose a little and 21:9 also lose a little. There, we evened the odds for both aspect ratios.

i was trying to say the game was already unbalanced

so the devs saying ‘‘it makes the game unbalanced’’ makes no sense

blizzard said on there conference that it will make the game unbalanced however the game is already unbalanced in 144hz and 244hz monitors

you can compare them because they are both pieces of equipment what cost money outside of the game what give an advantage to the user no matter the amount

you are technically saying here is that having a 60hz monitor and 144 monitor is not that bad however having a larger viewing area is too much

every fps company support 21:9 and know its not a big deal because there are many aspects of fps games what make it unfair for a standard user.

if you have a 1v1 and 1 person has a 144hz monitor and the other has 60hz, the duel wont be 100% fair

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That is true because it is a huge advantage, I explained that already, re-read the comments.

“Every” FPS company - that does not mean they are right.

A player with 144Hz will only have ~<16% advantage over a player with 60Hz.
A player with 21:9 aspect ratio will have 33% exactly advantage over a player with 16:9.
(I explained this already…)

I would rather take 16% if I am the player with 60Hz monitor than a 33% against a player with 21:9.

Ignoring the really faulty logic you’re using here for just a second (a 33% increase in horizontal screen space does not mean a player has a “33% advantage” over another player), how in the world did you arrive at a “~<16%” advantage?

They said they don’t want to support it. Nothing more to add there. :man_shrugging: