When are we gonna remove 2CP?

Didn’t they say they were also being dropped from QP?

Yes. It will only stay in self created games and some arcade modes. Thank god! That will increase the enjoyment of OW by a lot just because of this change! (thats from the OW2 panel)

Not according to what Community Manager Josh Nash shared with me when I confirmed with him last Friday.

Note Craig is my first name…

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Pity, was hoping the removal also from qp


Jeff said removing it from QP is a possibility, nothing set in stone currently.


Welp, then we got two different stories

Maybe but they would not confirm with me. Just for sure Competitive and that the map type would remain accessible in some capacity from what I understand.


Lets hope for it otherwise they force me to play comp only because of the absence of 2CP ^^

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Honestly very frustrated over the mixed info out of Blizzcon.

Like 76 was getting this ability, now he is not… (small example)

It’s very hard to Trust Devs right now. (Tried hard to.)

First, remember this is a game still in development. Nothing that we have seen in the last two years is absolutely guaranteed to ship with the live game when Overwatch 2 comes out. That is the nature of game development. I try to keep all confirmed facts organized in my Overwatch 2 Quick Facts post, but even a lot of this information is still just information presented and not promises to the final product.

Don’t be frustrated, just keep up with the news as it comes out.

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Yeah… this is a stealth “WHEN OW2 RELEASE DAET” thread. Throw it on the pile.

Overwatch 2 will be released Soon™.

Soon™ Disclaimer : Copyright pending 2004-2021 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. “Soon™” does not imply any particular date, time, decade, century, or millennia in the past, present, and certainly not the future. “Soon” shall make no contract or warranty between Blizzard Entertainment and the end user. “Soon” will arrive some day, Blizzard does guarantee that “soon” will be here before the end of time. Maybe. Do not make plans based on “soon” as Blizzard will not be liable for any misuse, use, or even casual glancing at “soon.”

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You might want to highlight some of your facts might be “half confirmed” because the conflicting Josh and Jeff statements.

Also noticed Devs never said Soon during Blizzcon… which concerning (because that means more then 2 years…)

But yeah, feel like we need another AMA… but different because last AMA … it also had mixed messages.

Don’t stress too much. Also note, we should be getting more news coming in somewhat regularily. According to the recent IGN interview with Jeff Kaplan it sounds like periodical updates to OW2’s development will start happening.

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Again I have trust issues with that, we heard something similar in the past… (Only for it be short)

Myst, this is just starting to be a cycle…Sigh…

Welp, anyway I need to inspect the water pipes before I have to do Fedex/Covid stuff today. (Reports of Smelly water in North Houston. Might be a Flint situation after that big snowstorm.)

Its not gonna come back last second right?

I got rlly hyped when I heard no 2cp

Unclear, like is Echo gonna be a Support or Dps…

Well anyway, heading in but man I don’t think this Blizzcon ended being “productive” (don’t think this is the right word.)

Maybe reinsuring

Just when you thought the game can’t get worst you get hit with they are removing your favorite maps and game mode from the only game mode you play

I mean, to be fair, it was kind of a poopie ability, you’ll notice in the vid it didn’t kill the adds, it just pushed them back, which could lead to a lot of cheap deaths/incaps/whatever from shots getting spammed from odd angles.

Some people who hate Brig, would disagree.