When are u gonna nerf mei?

Can you nerf this annoying lowskill hero already. Overloaded kit and insta win ult?


They did… Huge nerf this patch… The pillars have crack animations one her wall to show which ones are weak.

LMAO smh… Really blizz?


You can communicate with your team, because they are all in voice chat and focus down a single pillar, then easily take out Mei using Reinhardt’s fire strike because fire beats ice :slight_smile:


Well, this was the only Mei change that was on PTR, so is it really that surprising?


Jeff hinted at a Mei change in his latest forum post Experiment time? - #13 by JeffreyKaplan


PTR, so thats two more months of this brainless hero ruining comp games and boosting SR of players with no business being there. Nice “faster updates and meta changes”

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Can we please stop calling Mei brainless?


No we can’t. I’ve literally tried Mei myself yesterday. You don’t do anything urself but support ur team with getting free kills with freezes and Walls.
Easiest wins of my life.


What are you smoking? XD She will get nerfs this week on PTR it’s confirmed.

Can mei stop being brainless first?

Someone legit in my game today, didnt not use right click once only use freeze and he was legit carrying with mei saying dude I dont even play this hero.
Yeah sure is alot skill he used there.


I mean, I’m happy to see you carry yourself to masters by playing Mei if she is so easy and OP

Says the guy with a private profile.

At what rank exactly? Because I can assure you, if you try that in a game above Diamond, your chances of winning are pretty low.

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On my alt at a 3400ish game?

No you cant really.
because it legit happened in like low masters high diamondish game XD

I mean if she is such a braindead hero, who is OP and easy to get wins with… why don’t you go play her yourself and get to GM? Shouldn’t be hard from what you are saying.

Mei is just infuriating to play against. She just takes control away from your character constantly, and if that fails to secure a kill her kit has the dual purpose of letting her bail herself out of getting punished.

Her ult is just a far more unpleasant Earthshatter. It has better coverage, ignores barriers, and continues zoning out enemies even if it’s dodged.


You can legit do that… Just be honest, she is free SR hero right now. She is not overpowered, she is ABOVE BROKEN what so ever.
Hero that has 3/3 dificulty? Really? WHAT? She is one of the easiest heroes in the game, and the problem is… she is the strongest.

Ahhh the classic “I am defeated and have no argument to fight back so lemme slap them with the if the hero is so op and easy why dont you use them”
kinda sad dude
to answer your question
before playing mei this season I had like a total 10 hours from random game modes etc on mei, I exclusively play tank at a 3300
dps ehh 2900 3100 ish
I hit masters this season on dps using mei :slight_smile:
(I dropped right as I played other heroes that I enjoyed btw) but yeah
Lemme emphasize something btw
I exclusively play tank
if I play dps, my favourite go to dps are genji, soldier, and reaper.
Heroes that have no correlation intersm of her “skill aspects”
SO the fact I hit masters
on the role I DONT PLAY THAT MUCH WITH A HERO I HAVE ZERO knowledge of, is kinda yikes dont ya think
Also do me a favour
Dont use that sad argument? not everyone is a meta slave. Not everyone will play whats op because lets be honest it aint fun.
Yes i did put hour onto mei and god I REGRET IT. literally boring the only times I had fun was when I was torching hogs XDDDD
or when i did that mei sym strat on eichenwalde.
thats best thing for me on mei
ok went abit off topic
Just dont use that argument coz its sad and shows how you got defeated in an argument k?


read whats below your response.
I answered them

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A Mei freeze should not be longer than a Mccree flashbang, and her Blizzard freeze should not be longer than a Rein Shatter.

Then please do it. Prove me wrong and actually try climbing. You almost have no playtime on Mei and yet want to boast how easy free wins are with her.

I mean I don’t need a perfect argument if you argument is “oh she is op and braindead”.
No, it doesn’t show that I am defeated, you can even look at the stats and see that is not some super OP broken character.
Is she strong? Definitely. I don’t deny that. And she needs some nerfs. But she is not some broken Hero who gets an insta win just because she is played.
But some people just want her to be nerfed into the ground, with the argument that she is unfun to play against.

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My arugment was based on something that happened in low master high diamond game.
Your argument is that it couldnt have happened.
Really the only here who has used good arguments is you…