What's your favorite and least favorite skin from your main?


So I’ll start it off! I play Moira and my favorite skin of her is blackwatch. I really like how her right hand looks seeing that’s it covered (her hand normally looks unusually gray to me) and that her left and has no nails. Plus her bracelets are way more visible with that golden tint.

My least favorite would be glam. I tolerate moon because of the color scheme and the fact the the face paint doesn’t look too bad but the star on her face and the faded rainbow colors just doesn’t look good to me.


I don’t main anyone but my most hours played belong to Zen
Favorite skin is ra cuz he like a gold bird and das cool as hell
Least favorite skin is the one he got from Lunar New Year, both of them.
Zens got some ugly skins


Yea I don’t like them either… They look to human to me especially the recent one. Like why does he have ears?!


Common: Blueberry
Epic: Carbon Fiber
OWL: Shanghai
Legendary: Palanquin

-Least favorites-
Common: the other ones
Epic: i like white rabbit but i equip carbon fiber more
OWL: Valiant
Legendary: B.Va


Fave: (hard to choose) I’d say Imp, love the sleekness and Voice line

Worst: Valkyrie/Sigrun, I love the Voice line but god the staff looks so fat and clunky to me


Best Symmetra skin is Figure Skater. Every part of the skin is just so fantastic that I can’t name a single bad thing about this skin. Not even the color, I love green.

Worst Symmetra skin is her standard one. It looks more like a party dress than an action uniform. High heels, flowing hair, lack of pants, ugly goggles… It’s perfectly possible to make a beautiful uniform while also being practical. Mercy, Sombra and Tracer have practical outfits (except for Mercy breastplate), and they are amazing.

Symmetra default being so terrible is the only reason why I haven’t bought her Valiant skin yet to support my OWL team.



I have 2 mains.

Best Moira: Pale. Simple. Frosty. She looks quite dangerous. I’m also convinced that my win rate with Pale equipped is considerably higher.

Worst Moira: Glam. I like David Bowie’s stardust era as much as the next guy, but I mean, come on, this looks like a carnival clown vomited Easter candy all over himself.

Best Mei: Beekeeper. I smile everytime I see it. Just so damn silly. Priceless: In POTG as Beekeeper Mei, owning some Genji who takes himself way too seriously.

Worst Mei: Yeti hunter / Abominable (recolors). Boring. Only thing anyone remembers about them is the random feather coming out of her head.



  • best skin: Devi
  • worst: Architect



Best: Rime.

Worst: Bride.


Fav: Magician
Least Fav: Vampire

Fav: Tie between Zhuque, Combat Medic, and Pink
Least Fav: Verdant, I guess? Green doesn’t really look good on her.

Fav: Demon Hunter (even tho I don’t have it :frowning: )
Least Fav: Mexicana, I guess? I don’t really hate any of her skins.


favourite: Figure skater
least favourite: Utopaea

favourite: Blackwatch
least favourite: Oasis (minister looks great)

favourite: Pink/Combat Medic Ziegler
least favourite: Sigrun/Valkyrie


Favorite: Slipstream

Least favorite: The new Lunar New Year one, whatever it’s called. XD Just not a fan of the hat, honestly.

(Honorable mention to the Lightning skin, but … well, its color scheme goes great with Pikachu, so I can’t totally hate it.)


I main 3: Lucio, McCree and Reaper. Ice Fox, Gambler and Doctor Who are my fav (not so sure about the names but u know which).


Symmetra best skin: Oasis

Symmetra worst skin: Magician


Um excuse me I’ll have you know that the Indian Queen looks absolutely beautiful in her default skin

(Plus she does construct her creations using traditional dance, so it makes sense her default skin has her wearing a dress that allows as much free movement as possible)


I never said it don’t look good. I said it bothers me because it don’t look like an action uniform. I would have no problem if it was one of her alternate costumes (like Figure Skater is).

Have you ever tried to dance on heels?


Krampus Junkrat.



favorite: black cat d.va (but it is too common so i just use the OWL gray one for memes)
worst: junker d.va (d.va’s head is hideous and the skin doesn’t match her character too)


Common: celestrial
Epic: cobalt
OWL: seoul Dynasty
Legendary: witch (the best classic and OG skin that reminds me of old OW)
Common: mist
Epic: i like amber but mercy looks fat in it
OWL: boston uprising
legendary: sigrun/valkiry (i like them but they are the least ‘‘liked’’