What's wrong with the servers lately?

Ever since I got back from Christmas, the latency just swings wildly, resulting in players teleporting all over the place. This never seems to happen in other games, and I haven’t changed any settings that would cause this. I checked the troubleshooting pages and nothing I did helped. And it wasn’t a problem before december. I checked my region settings and it still says North America. I closed all programs and devices that use internet, and I’ve always used wired ethernet for my pc.

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The community can’t assist you on a connection matter without a WinMTR test.

I hope I did this right. This is the WinMTR results while in-game

The test was only run for 13 seconds, can you do another for 5-10mins or until the issue happens?

I’ll try if it happens again, but it seemed to work okay last night, whatever it was…
I didn’t realize I had to leave it going.

EDIT: Idk if it’s the servers or some windows update, but it seems fine for now.

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