Whats with the over nerfing?

Some things they take years the adjust…McCrees FTH has been crap for years…

…but 5 nerfs for Doomfist?..what happened to taking 2 years to balance characters…break them in 5 days now?

…and Brigitte…5 damage? why 5? Kinda feels like an insult. Might as well make it do zero damage.

Is this some kind a sick tasteless joke?..lol. I dont understand the thought process.


Hopefully there will be compensations for Doomfist, if not he will be useless again and I will quit playing Doomfist until the day his buffs come.


Look on the bright side, they do seem to have upped the pace of balancing quite a bit of late. So even if these nerfs end up being too harsh and making it off PTR, I don’t think the wait for a fix will be nearly as long as in the past.

Except if they over nerf they have a real bad tendency to not want to revert their changes. Instead of they try and think of creative ways to improve a hero in other ways.

Btw what is this about Brigitte and 5 dmg? The only nerf I’m aware of was the recent change to her bash being stopped by shields. Which is BS btw. I could see not stunning through a shield but to not even be able to move through them is silly.


Blizzard’s way of “balance” is to essentially curbstomp a hero, then slowly start putting the fractured skull of said hero back together over a year instead of tweaking small things.


The consecutive SS nerfs is really hard. It can’t be both or its really F tier without even a chance. No idea why can’t they just rework the Ult either.

Alas, this is true. But hey, at least it’ll hopefully happen faster from now on.

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Gotta get those nerfs ready before Christmas, thank you santa Torbjorn.

Doomfist and Brigitte just got destroyed for no reason. Never gonna see then anymore, which is sad. I like playing against them better than widow and tracer.


Wow that is pretty sad, I don’t think I have ever seen a nerf take such a huge amount of DMG off a hero in one go. I mean dropping SB to 45, or 40 mabye. But all the way down to 5? It might as well do no dmg.

Which I’d almost be okay with. Have SB do no dmg but dorp the CD back to 5 seconds and double the movement distance. Frankly the Stun could just be changed to a knock back…

I mean Moira’s Fade is an amazing part of her kit that SB used to be for Brigitte. IT was more about the movement than the stun imo.

The fact they buffed inspire is sad though. It’s a freaking passive you get form holding down left click. It’s the least interactive thing in her kit. I mean with SB being fairly useless (the only thing that took any skill to aim and time perfectly) I think Brigitte just became even a lower skill hero than before.

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Dive comeback will potentially happen!
Step one: Make Doomfist disappear
Step 2: Nerf Brigitte into the ground
Step 3: Nerf Ana healing and nano boost(It’s bond to happen)

brigittes 5 damage shield bash feels like an april fools joke…

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First time I saw that line I thought some one edited the quote to troll me. Then I thought maybe it’s a typo and they meant reduce it by 5…

Funny enough the news is so fresh I couldn’t even find a youtube video on it yet.


Has an ability ever lost 90% of its damage?

Pretty much, 90% of it’s dmg, almost doubled the cool down of the ability and it now gets stopped by any kind of barrier in the game.

But hey in compensation you heal for .66 hp per second more!

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I actually laughed so hard when I saw damage from 50 to 5 LMAOOOO

I mean Brigg very much deserved it so I’m not complaining

The first part of Doomfist nerf i was like ‘okay maybe this is needed and will shut the whiners’.

Then suddenly comes the second part along with Brigitte 5 dmg bs lmao. Blizz you didn’t nerf Doomfist, you delete him from being viable.

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