What's the point of brig's stun now?

Nothing there’s almost no point in brig now she’s gonna be a dead character then receive a big buff and become op again


didnt they just nerf her stun so she wouldn’t hit through shields?

thats not a big nerf to her, its only a buff to main tanks

Okay, and how does that defend her against anyone? Just use Tracer as the obvious example. It does not. Most anyone can get away with being in melee range against Brig as her follow up is horrendous.

It’s not really much of a buff to static shields since she can still dance them and use Whip Shot to push players away from it.

Mostly it’s a Rein buff. Because Rein needs buffs.

"LET’S DROP THE Bashed-!"

Nah m8 new nerfs are coming they’re nerfing the bash damage from 50 to 5

its a winston buff actually

makes him slightly better againts brig

ah they removed her one shot combo

thats a good nerf, she was overtuned anyways

inb4 “tracer has no counters now” the combo wasn’t the counter, the armor was

What’s the point of her stun? Uh… she can still do 110 damage with her combo… Unless you people think healer should be DPS… Oh wait brig was basically that… Look where you’re at now. Why are you acting like her stun isn’t there anymore… it’s still a stun? Reaper drops down on your team and ults, brig stun. Lucio,Hog, D.Va getting back into her mech, Moria. A stun is still a stun… you’re going to sit here and confidently say there’s no point to her shield Bash anymore? You OverWatch community ladies and gentlemen.

Brig can 1 shot tracer. stun hit flail. over 150damage

Doesn’t matter if armor counters Tracer, the hero now has no damage and has been nerfed again and again. She can’t heal against Tracer when she can’t even function in Overwatch.

You mean her ult? Which you have to build up to or her repair pack with temp armor

both repair pack and the ultimate

its nearly impossible to kill anything as tracer when someone has armor, zen even beats you 1v1 when he has armor

The Zen thing is because it’s shields then armor itf they were swapped it wouldn’t be as bad.

With repair pack its a heal that becomes temp armor you can either wait it out or chip at it and build ult her ult on the other hand is permanent but be cleaved through with your ult

Im going to see how this goes but didnt people complain about Hog in the same capacity way back when?

Was a tank with a high health pool, self heal and an insta-gib combo. The devs nerfed it until it wasnt as reliable to one shot and Hog fell off the face of the earth until just recently. People said just focus the hook but apparently that wasnt enough.

If the want to nerf the damage fine, nerf it from 20-40 or something but I think her main issue wasnt the stun but her mini nano burst heal.

Just walk around the shield 4head, mcrees stun requires it to get behind shield

That’s only true if the hero with the stun has the damage potential to kill you.
Brig’s combo is, at best, going to deal 110 dmg, so you should still be okay afterwards.
Now, if it’s a 2v1 then I see your point.
At the very least it’s cooldown should be reduced.
Sleep dart also does 5 dmg and has a long cooldown, but that’s because they are stunned for like seven seconds.

Shield bash only does 5 damage - that’s a joke
A flash grenade does more?

She’s shoving a freaking shield into your face; that would hurt!

People can change positions pretty fast if someone needs help- I’m not saying her only job is to protect/take care of flankers but part of her kit kinda looks like it’s made for that

Bash is her mobility. And mobility is the first thing she lost.