What's the lowest you've fallen in Competitive?


Dropped to 1950 one season and stopped playing comp until season end. Next season placed mid gold, climbed to plat and have never been below plat since


The Matchmaking system has always been flawed lol. It never places you where YOU belong, it places you where it thinks you’ll work the best with ‘team mates’.

Systems that rate you on a win/loss style are flawed because that’s not an accurate representation of how you the player perform. Because if skill points can only be earned by winning and are lost in a large portion upon losing; you’re not grading the player correctly. You’re telling them ‘sorry Jimbob/SallySue, because your team didn’t win, we think you as a player individually do not deserve to be at this point of the ranking system’.

How can your TEAM dictate where YOU belong? Just because teams work by putting people of ‘generally the same skill’ according to the system, doesn’t mean those teams work well together.

No synergy = loss 90+% of the time.

No single individual can win a game by themselves in a game that is team focused and has 6 players on both teams.


100% agreed. Preach!


how can cou climb and fall that way? i always do some steps upwards, just to do the same amounts downstairs again and finally never left gold.

im not that hard trying though, just some random queue here and there…

can you tell what the reasons are for that big difference in your sr? (like team or the hero you played, …)


For those asking how it is I fall and climb so drastically, it’s all good and bad luck really. There are days I just win every single game and then there are days I lose every game.

The games I usually end up losing include throwers or tilted players who are having a bad day. I can’t control it, especially when they end up leaving. But it’s extremely frustrating to lose when you average 15,000 heals and 35 eliminations a game.

Again. It’s all luck.


I started comp in season 7 at 2100, and barely played comp after placements. Come season 8, I went from 2200 to 1400…

Now, I’ve finally peaked at 2912 and really wanna hit Diamond soon


2200 or so? Maybe 2100. I did a couple of seasons in comp just messing around on new heroes that I’ve never played after taking like a three season break, so I wasn’t too concerned about my SR as long as I didn’t drop below Gold.


1298 Bronze (ended 1406) - Season 3 (after peaking in Platinum at 2506 in Season 2), a 20+ game losing streak where I tilted and raged. I then took a deep look in myself and analyzed the weaknesses of the Bronze and Silver ranks, simply put. Players don’t look up or aim very well… so I played Pharah in season 4 and left a trail of ruin and despair in my wake. (One match I even got 93 kills as Pharah.) I peaked back into Platinum by the end of season 4.

It was a very good experience for myself developing as a player and I have a great deal of patience and understanding for this game.


Around 2350 or so, which is where I ended up at after my very first placement matches way back in season 3.


60 in S1, which was where I placed.


Got to 2600, ended up losing until I got all the way to 2000s. Stopped playing comp after that. Didn’t play comp for a couple of seasons.


Currently sitting at 1946, which is as low as I’ve dropped.
Dropped from somewhere in Gold as a result of bad matchmaking. Went up against a team that had ridiculous coordination multiple times, went up against teams running bastion and symmetra. Had someone on my team for multiple games in a row pick Genji and never swap, even when we clearly didn’t need a genji. Haven’t played since.


Was thrown in 1600ish once after a bad round of placements and immediately forum tracered back to 2000. It was surreal, literally no one could hit me.


I lost 1200 SR In a night.

I however think that the SR system at any level other than the very top is an absolute joke and don’t take it seriously enough to care.


So far, this season has been my very worst ever (I have several different medical issues, so it’s harder for me to play and it’s now showing sadly through my gameplay) I feel I can’t maintain my normal Platinum status anymore, so dropping to low Gold is pretty disheartening for me. I know I shouldn’t care, but sadly, others will think otherwise since basing opinions on the player off of rank is what the majority do.

I guess you can say I want to always do my best and when I can’t? It’s frustrating to me. I shouldn’t care about what people think, yes, it’s true, but I do. Knowing I was getting closer to Diamond and then slowly doing a 360 very quickly is both saddening and disappointing :frowning:

Hopefully, I’ll get better. I try to be positive about it. It’s the only thing I can do after all haha. It’s just a game after all and life is more than just maintaing a rank. It’s about what you do in life that counts, not in game :slight_smile:


When I first placed, I was in Bronze. Around 1300 SR.

Happy to say I’ve climbed to diamond and teetered in low diamind - high plat.


Lowest I’ve been was 2303 way back in season 2

Was 4187 last season.


Sesson 2 i was 2200
Climbed to 3500 in season 4
Stoped playing till season 10 now im 2700


On this account I was at 2200, fell to around 1300. On my other account I did placements and got plat. My other account is silver. Wtf.


Started are 1800 in season 4, by season 5 I fell to fell to 1400 and ended around there. Next season was gold, next was plat with a peak of 2800 a few seasons later, then fell down to around 2300 again, only to climb back up to 2600 and kept steadily increasing until hit diamond