What's the logic with the % in division

Had a 5/10 loss streak dropped from 90% to 10% in the division

Went 15/0 and only went up 5% for each 5 wins

How in the world are you supposed to progress if you need 100+ straight wins to get out of a division


Obviously that is not working as intended & blizzard just do not care.


I went 5-7 and deranked 2 divisions. Then I went 5-2 and only climbed one. Overall 10-9 but deranked. They can’t use decay as an excuse either because I played all of these games within a few days.

I’ve played hundreds of games and not seen anything remotely close to that low for wins. Only thing I can think of is you are either playing on a new to comp account or you got SR penalties for leaving games. Only other thing is playing out of regular hours. For instance if you are GM playing diamonds in the early hours you’d probably get SR like that.

Pretty much get 19 to 29 SR for each win depending on the level of the opponent.

Had the account for a year now play 3-4 hours a day

no logic, no care, they simply just dont care

actimeme bli$$ard is a pathetic clownfest lazy greedy company that only cares about selling useless garbage and couldnt care less about state of the game they seemingly destroyed, not the first one and not the last one, wish they just stopped existing and all of their top management got perma banned from having any top tier positions that involve being responsible and evolving any products

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