Whats happening with Sym?

At least in the AMA a few days ago she was talked about. That at least makes me think the devs have not forgotten about her, sort of. She’s seen very, very little attention recently so I guess it’s a good thing. Although, she’s still one of the worst heroes right now.

She dies to everything, and she’s so team reliant that she’s bad most places except OWL, where she’s only used for TP cheese strats anyway. I don’t care if she stays damage or goes to support, I just want her looked at with more than “oh she didn’t really work at support when we tried it.”

While that’s a good start because it means that Sym is actually being looked at, I don’t see the problem in trying to fix things in Sym’s current kit that make no sense, like her giant head hitbox and the self-destruct TP bug - because even without buffing her in other ways that would already be a step forward in making her a better hero.

I’d love to see 250HP Sym soon if she is (hopefully) getting a buff but I don’t feel like we’ll see any major changes until OW2.


I think we will be seeing her in the upcoming experimental after moira and i have a feeling we will be quite surprised on how this healing symmetry will come out!

Ive noticed that blizzard have this way of doing the opposite of what everyone or majority are suggesting so dont expect healing turrets, healing thru barrier or any other talked about healing abilities the community suggest.Im all up for it so bring it on Blizz!

Im kinda excited tbh! She will be the undisputed most reworked hero of this game!

I’d be happy with a full rework as long as they don’t leave her awful again