Whats going on with the audio?

Does blizzard even bother play testing their game for even a single match? The audio for the character voice announcements and the weapon sounds all have added reverb. Also, it sounds like the characters are living inside my head with how loud their announcements are. I can’t be the only on experiencing this right?


I just played a match and it’s the same thing. I thought Ana turned into an Omnic. She wasn’t even that far away to even be using the voice comms like in Uprising …

Very painful on the ears. And no option to disable it in Sound Settings.

Been watching Jay3’s stream, and holy cow the audio-even as a viewer it’s more than noticeable. It also sounds really robotic at times as well.

Yeah, I can confirm that I too have “voices in my head”. It’s super annoying :frowning:

Check the bug forum for updates. It’s listed in the current bugs thread.

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hopefully its fixed soon its so triggering

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If only you read the patch notes.


if only blizzard put a little effort into their game

i looked at patch note in game and saw nothing?

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - June 13, 2023:

yea its bugged and we hope its fix soon as we said on top

reading the patch note dont make it less annoying to hear

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Same thing that’s going on with the rest of the game…

…it’s being designed by total noobs with zero idea of how things work.

This is what happens when your entire skilled staff leaves you en masse.

You end up with poor design choices, bugs, bad decisions…

What made the game walked out of the door. No need to wonder what the difference is.

Suits, noobs and talentless hangers on vs the original team who all left for authentic reasons except one or two notable exceptions. I don’t know why people are so surprised at the current state of the game, it was entirely predictable, we just gave them the benefit of the doubt.

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