🛡 "What's going on?" - Every Reinhardt Main Ever

One more thing Reinhardt and I have in common: more beer.


Blue posts galore!

But none for the Reinhardt players :sob:


Keeping this thread bumped. I dont play rein as much as I used to (53 hours on him) but as soon as i tried lowering my shield to swing at a flanker, it felt god awful how long it took before i could have my hammer go remotely near the person. Not sure why blizz isnt acknowledging this with how integral rein is to their game but they need to do something fast otherwise we’re going back into a meta where he gets overshadowed by dive.


Also keeping the thread bumped, I play flex and enjoyed rein prior to this patch. I was able to withstand his bugs surrounding shatter/charge because his animation cancels were still keeping him viable and had some level of skill to play (e.g. baiting shatter) but he’s all over the shop at the moment

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entire enemy team in front of you? no possible objects/walls to block shatter?

[uses shatter, visually hits entire enemy team]

[entire enemy team isnt effected]

well then… thank you Mr. system for screwing me.

Don’t forget to add the 180degree random turns bug they reintroduced with the patch.


Hey Blizzard! How 'bout you don’t ignore some of your most considerate players?

Keeping this thread bumped 'cause it NEEDS to be addressed.



Bump for the love of Rein


Yes, this is also stupidly annoying.

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I swear, if that happened to me (the Shatter example), I would uninstall right there and then.

This is actually unacceptable.

OWL is over, they need to focus on us now for a change.


But now the playoffs already started :\

I dunno anymore, I’m honestly a bit disheartened about it. I haven’t touched the game in two weeks, which isn’t really all that crazy. But to not even want to play the game after a new hero release? Meh.

But you’re still very correct. They need to focus on getting things fixed sooner rather than later.


So… fix please?


A good thread for a dev to reply to.


what he said…

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I’m not a tank main, but I love playing Rein. Having so many bugs and counters that don’t even take much skill to pull off properly makes me not wanna play him, though. Maybe it’s time I took a deep breath and started learning the monkey and the chipmunk girl. Dva’s playstyle kinda makes me motion sick, though, that’s why I prefer Rein.

See, the problem is that they balance according to what the pros say. Now balancing from the top down is fine and the best way to go IMO. BUT, THEY PLAY ON A DIFFERENT PATCH TO US.
Hanzo gets buffed/reworked - everything is fine.
Goes live for the pro scene - Zarya gets nerfed, Hanzo gets nerfed and Mercy’s damage boost for Hanzo gets nerfed, almost immediately.
In fact, they stated that Zarya and Genji specifically were in a very balanced spot one week before announcing the nerfs, which coincided with the patch going live for the pro scene.

So they basically ignore us plebs because we’re on a different patch to the pros.

If these Rein changes went through to the pro scene patch, we all know it would’ve been fixed within a day.

The only reason I continue to play is because I play in a team in a small, local league (nothing major, but it’s a great environment to play the game in).
I love my team.

If this wasn’t the case, I’d probably be right there with you.

They need to stop expanding, stop making new maps and heroes, bunker down and ONLY focus on fixing issues that have been ongoing for months if not since release.

I’d rather get no new content and have everything working correctly. Please and thank you.


There’s some threads that you really wish and want a dev to see and this is one of them. Instead, at most we’ll get a response to one of those people complaining about the main menu


“I don’t like the white background on the menu” - those ones?
Yeah, somehow I think you’re right.

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I work for a software company where we write, manage and support our software. I am the manager over our support team as well so I handle all our customer service.

If I had a tech who acted like Blizzard is with this post I would pull them aside and have a chat. Bad things happen, bugs happen but ignoring the customer is just going to make it worse.

You need to address the problem.
Make the customer confident you will fix the issue.
Follow through with the fix and the customer.

These are not happening at all and ignoring the customer is like the worst thing you can do. I am sure they are looking at this forum and working on the issue. But tell us you are, you don’t need to do more then that for now. Let us know you are looking at this.

You cause so much more damage by ignoring us then addressing the obvious problem.