🛡 "What's going on?" - Every Reinhardt Main Ever

I’ve been playing him a lot in competitive as of late.


This cost me two games…

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It seems to me that they are more preoccupied with other characters/features. If they weren’t, how could they let it happen that this one character gets continuously nerfed patch after patch?

I give up on Reinhardt. He’s absolutely unplayable compared to his previous state. Getting crippled like this right during the introduction of hammond makes this game impossible to enjoy. The lack of response from the devs is disgusting.

This definitely seems like unitentional bugs. They’ve never drastically changed a hero’s play style before without discussing it beforehand. Hopefully we get an answer soon.

I didn’t notice this (I guess I’m less observant, also been playing a lot of Winston) until earlier this morning when I tried to hammer a rezzing Mercy. He did a little hiccup where he would have normally hammered her away, and she got the rez off and flew away. So I came to the forum to see what was happening. WOW. Gonna stop play until this is resolved!

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Still no response? Well, I guess that answers it really, don’t you think? Force players to accept it by not acknowledging it.

Personally, I am just done with Rein for the moment. It’s to frustrating to play. I can only take so much.

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just repeating it for the sake of it but overwatch league finals were this weekend and im pretty sure the entire overwatch team was up to their eyeballs in that since it was on prime time espn and pretty much the biggest broadcast esports has ever had. Im just as frustrated believe me, but these things take time. Its also the weekend.

Ruin Junkrat, ruin Sym, ruin Sombra, ruin Rein, and soon to come the ruination of Torb. I guess everyone is just supposed to play Widow. :ok_hand:

Back to playing Fortnite.


Hopefully with the OWL Championships wrapped-up, Geoff and Jeff will have some time to throw-together an update post or vid by patch day (Tuesday).


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Every hero has animation cancels, by the way. It’s a standard mechanic of a game like this. Can we please stop implying Reinhardt deserved this, or that his original playstyle and animation cancels were a bug. You don’t say only one hero’s animation cancels were bugs, but then not address the rest of the roster.


Did you even read what I said? I didn’t call his animation cancels bugs. I compared Blizzard adding new framework to Syms abilities that caused bugs in her kit and the same has likely happened with Rein in preparation for his changes.

And If Blizzard wanted to remove them, whether they help the hero or are well received by the community, they would. It doesn’t matter if they help his playstyle, as evidenced by the last few changes to major heroes not being at all in line with what the players of those heroes have been asking for forever, Blizz will change them at their whim.

I did read it. And I’m pointing out it doesn’t really make sense for Reinhardt, because the framework is so broken that people who have hundreds of hours on him can’t even play him now. He’s sluggish and not very reactive. It’s an issue. Even new people who pick him up say he’s feeling very slow and that the reaction time on things feels delayed. People can’t block other Earthshatters like they used to because the shield takes that much longer to bring up after you drop it.

Sound changes to Symmetra before the new code drops in does not justify an even more broken Earthshatter and a now unresponsive hero.


The comparison didn’t list just sound. The bug where her TP explodes for no reason still exists.

Meaning: If they do fix these issues with Rein, it’ll be after he’s put onto the PTR with more bugs. Some bugs and animation issues will be fixed and he’ll be pushed to live despite still being buggy. Rein mains will complain about whatever his next bugs are as well as any that didn’t get fixed, but it will be washed out by whatever the next ridiculous hero changes roll out that make people go crazy.

Nobody cared about Syms bugs once Sombras changes dropped. Sombras changes got drowned out by Mercy’s changes. Mercy’s changes will be drowned out by X. So on and so forth.

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Imagine everything in a hero’s kit being so bugged that there was constantly like a 50% chance things just aren’t going to work.

That’s how Reinhardt feels right now.

The problem we have in this game is that heroes like Sombra and Symmetra are DPS heroes. At least they’re considered to be. And this game already has like 15 other DPS heroes to choose from. Healers and tanks don’t have tons of choices. So if your hero is UP, OP, or bugged as hell, you’re kinda screwed because you have less options.

What other main tank do we have? Orisa. What’s wrong with Orisa? All the heroes she synergizes with suck. Roadhog. Torborn. Bastion. So now our only option is Reinhardt because at least the heroes he synergizes with don’t suck. And it just so happens that every game always needs tanks and healers if you want to win, so we get locked into these roles that are becoming very narrow and overall not that enjoyable to play anymore.

I hardly play Ana anymore because there’s a ton of barriers, she got overnerfed, and people want a Mercy. It’s annoying.


I know the pain. Sym went from being a hero with 0 bugs virtually ever aside from her ults imploding towards the end as well as the indestructible TP. Now? God forbid you try to place TP on a railing or near some objects still. If you walk out of TPs radius and hit interact right before, it will fail to TP you and impose the short delay before being able to use the TP again. Rein/Hammond can charge it while it’s going up and send it flying. A Hammond did that the other day, knocked the TP into a wall, and it destroyed itself. Sometimes her ult still just doesn’t appear after using it, making it a waste. She can also have no regs, which is new. I’ve watched plenty of orbs impact squishies and tanks alike and do absolutely no damage. Again, this is a hero that pretty much had no bugs at all, got some changes, and now she’s a mess that got some quick fixes and pushed to live anyway.

I know how much it sucks, but what sucks more is how clear it is that the developers do not care at all. Rein has a bit more favoritism with the devs I feel, so hopefully he will be treated with a bit more care, but I don’t have faith. At all.

We have actually been putting up with things far longer then anyone else. His charge has been wonky since May of 2016.


Which is precisely why my point is that you shouldn’t get your hopes up with these developers.

We can all relate to one another. But Reinhardt definitely does not have favoritism with the developers because he’s had issues since launch. Mercy is kind of the only favoritism due to how much weighing factor she has over a game.

I think asking the development team to have working heroes is really not asking too much. It’s no different than a game breaking bug on a map that people can exploit, like a Torbjorn putting his turret into a wall so that no one can destroy it.

For me its the opposite. I fear anytime I read blue writing that says Reinhardt. I know something is about to break.

This last one gets me though. Nothing anywhere. No mention of any change, or any coding that would do to Reinhardt what has been done since Hammond patch.


It makes me wonder if Hammond/Rein being able to displace the TP with their charges has more to do with TP or with Reins issues coming as a result of Hammond.