🛡 "What's going on?" - Every Reinhardt Main Ever

Can you atleast communicate? Or is that to much?

If there’s one thing that will ultimately lead me to quit playing a video game, it’s stealth nerfs. It’s beyond frustrating and once it becomes a habit and devs think they can do it without much backlash, it becomes the norm. If that day ever happens, I stop playing Overwatch.


Yeah… at this point I’m almost going ‘Just say you’re going to rework him’ because at least that means they’re paying attention to him…


You’re talking about the guys that left sombra a buggy mess for 3 months. I wouldn’t get my hopes up.


As mentioned above, I wouldn’t expect any response until Overwatch League is over. They seemed to be pretty occupied at the moment.

I’m currently considering returning to the game only to work on my Winston and Roadie game, and play with my friends. Sadly I don’t think I will be playing Reinhardt in his current state, which truly breaks my heart and soul…

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I thought something was off today. Glad to see it’s not just me.


I haven’t played much Rein myself, I started trying to ‘git gud’ at him a little while back - after this last patch he feels SO sluggish and wonky, but it’s things I can’t really test or articulate myself since I’m not overly familiar with him. All I can say is, I definitely noticed it in gameplay today when I was playing Mystery heroes and died with him almost immediately because I couldn’t get my shield up fast enough, just felt… Gummy and weird. Seeing this post confirms that there’s something up with him for me.

Nice to see you here Jelly! maybe blizz will finally recognize this problem and the 10+ threads about it!

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At this point i think it might have been a mistake or something they changed in the Blizzard test region and then forgot to revert…
It’s understandable considering the blizz staff is probably under big pressure during OWL. Basically my current “Most likely situation” is that blizz QA staff are brain dead.

if blizz’s reading this, we just want some feedback, like
“taking a look”
“fixed soon”
“intentional, animation cancel was mistake”
or something

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I went into a QP game to test this, I like to play a lot of Rein.

Held up my shield and went for a quick swing. The time the animation had finished and registered I had been out to the Kitchen and made a cup of tea and sat back in my chair.


That is nice, keep making the best out of it. I like to make coffee, evaluate the last game, water my plants or write my girlfriend a love letter when I transition from shield to hammer. XD

Just kidding I have no gf atm :frowning:

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Reinhardt main here. I dont play enough, or competetively, to notice major differences, but the old boy definitly feels… stiff.

I guess they are too busy with the OWL finals to read us … yet here’s the bump.

And probably, they’ll wait until they get the whole patch in the PTR with his reworks and will never address this. Sigh.

Keep strong, shield brothers and sis.

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I am done playing main tank until this is fixed. It’s not right to take away what made rein fun. It was bad enough having brig ruin rein vs rein with her shield bash and stupid aggression, but this is it for me.

Can’t play Rein without trying to shield-cancel juke enemy Shatters. Losing team fights because I don’t get my barrier up in time.

Done with Rein until fixed.

RIP my favorite hero.

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Blizz can we please get official word on this? Please?

Yeah, I hate to say it, but it’s these little things that keep adding up that make him un-fun to play right now. Being able to react to things such as shatters in a crucial moment is a necessity to Reinhardt’s playstyle, and is what keeps him viable. I can deal with the ridiculous amount of CC that I get all at once, but without being able to fight back against it with these quick cancels, he’s quite crippled more than he should be.

I love the character and I always will, but it’s getting to the point where I have to drop him again like I did while the hammer swing issue was going on.


Sums it up pretty well right there. I can handle/adapt to the changing game-scape but when you start hamstringing the tools I have to do so, it really makes me want to walk away from the game altogether.

They’ve probably added framework for his upcoming changes that removed his animation cancels. Similarly to how before Sym was reworked, her turret deployment sound changed and her TP/SG started destroying itself on walls. They likely changed something about her ults before she was reworked to edit something about her new TP before it was released. Couldn’t have been a coincidence that it started destroying itself and the first iteration of the new TP destroyed itself constantly.

The same probably applies. Get used to the new Rein, Blizzard doesn’t care what we like about heroes :slight_smile: