🛡 "What's going on?" - Every Reinhardt Main Ever


I honestly haven’t played in awhile because sometimes I find OW very frustrating. The things I find frustrating are all things I have no control over, like what types of players I end up on a team with (yes, LFG can help, but sometimes that still can’t solve the toxicity issue), and bugs that keep causing weird things to happen.

Games are supposed to be entertaining and relaxing. Not frustrating and stressful. I wish you luck out there, fellow Reinhardt-main :slight_smile:


I need to get some videos but I’ve been having some weird stuff going on this week when playing as and against Rein. Particularly ES. #Feelsbadman


at this point i want overwatch to become very similar to paladins, at least for the tanks. Look at paladins tanks compared to ow tanks(ignore the health and stuff, diff ttk and balancing).

The tanks in that game are A. fun to play B. incredibly powerful with skill.

Reinhardts disabled on the ptr, one step closer to being deleted from the hero select screen


So they broke shatter so it bugs out the worst it ever has - push it to live servers… Change reins animations and speeds without saying anything…

Don’t even mention it at all in the PTR or in the dev update.



New PTR patch apparently fixes the multi-shatter bug and a camera pitching issue after shatter. More broadly, there are new visualizations for (all in-game) barrier health.

However, Rein is disabled on the PTR currently. I don’t know why and maybe I’m being to hopeful here but, perhaps there’s more in the works for Rein?


I guess Rein is causing PTR crashes lol. Below is the thread I posted in the PTR Forum

Dev comment:


Still no blue post. Let this teach you how little blizzard cares


They made a post about Reinhardt not working in the PTR Bug Report. Stop being dramatic.


Just leave.


fun note. New rein bug i was told

If rein is charging someone moiras ult can stop rein mid charge.

Because somehow that can happen.


Did you really ignore nearly 900 posts just to preserve the ignorance of your reply?


Yes because I do not have the time nor the patience to read the entirety of a nearly 900 post thread. Not to mention I’ve been a MT, specifically Reinhardt, player for a good long while to notice the problems. They’ve locked out Reinhardt on the PTR because he was causing the game to crash when chosen and said that they are working on fixing him during this PTR cycle.


Most of the posts were never related to him being disabled on the PTR, save for 3ish of the more recent posts. This has been an active thread since July 25th, talking about all the other problems.


If you had taken the time to even skim a few posts here-and-there, you would have realized that the majority sentiment is that there was an egregious lack of transparency regarding changes and bugs in Rein’s kit for a very long time.

To that, we still have no word on the change to Rein’s shield deployment time.


What are you doing here then? Move along.


It was only a matter of time until Reinhardt managed to crash a server because his bugs were so out of control.


This bug is so annoying.


I think the worst occurrence for me was getting trapped, mid-shatter, by Whole Hog. Since the shatter never “completed” I was trapped mid animation, unable to shield after the fact that everyone saw/heard my shatter 3 times over, I was doomed to be minced by the shrapnel :frowning:


yaI heard the shatter slam sound. So I step around the corner because it’s safe, just to get shattered.


He got drunk and peed on the router again…:beer: