WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND SPOILERS: Possible new tank discussion

I’m not saying it’s 100% gonna be as described. It’s just what we know.

check playoverwatch twitter, I cant do links

Put in the link and I’ll make it clickable.


the clickable

Wait. No. It’s just clickable.

I’d be shocked if we didn’t get Mauga now, With the high chance of getting a tank next and filling the talon tank slot for a possible archives mission.

This then?

Disney doesn’t own everything yet man lol

Yeah, but that literally looks like Maui
He has even got tattoos

He does, except evil and much cooler.

Any Pacific Ocean peeps that are build heavy are gonna look like him… you can’t copyright human features.


He really doesn’t, tho. His face and features are VERY different from Maui.

He’s described as moving infront of Nguyen “as quick as lightning”, and I read his shield as being more like a giant Zarya bubble that can fit people in, almost a mix of Zarya and Winston.

only difference I see is a small beard and red eyes
so this is totally different

Well, you’re not good at physiognomics, then. Mauga’s face is far more angular and square, where Maui’s far more rounded and soft looking. Mauga’s eyes are also sharper and bigger, and his brows are bigger and longer.

Also, Maui has a gap in his teeth and Mauga doesn’t. Am I good at physiognomics?

You guys make valid points…but Disney is gonna get involved anyways

Yeah, you get a B+, which is a passing grade. ^^

Why are we giviing the troll any time of day? he clearly doesn’t look like maui outside of very minor similarities this guy just wants a reaction.

let’s keep this about Mauga as a potential hero

I dont remember the talon heavy tank in the PVE games having a shield, and the shield is mentioned several times in the story