WHAT YOU LEFT BEHIND SPOILERS: Possible new tank discussion

So a new lore dump just dropped for Baptiste, and quickly turned him into one of my favorite heroes in the game, but aside from that, there’s no denying that this story told us a lot about a new character who just may be the next hero.

There’s no telling for certain until we see it, but Mauga was described pretty heavily in this story, leading me to believe he might be the next hero in the game.

Of course, as the story ended (AGAIN, SPOILER WARNING, GO READ IT IF YOU HAVEN’T)


Baptiste totally blasted Mauga into oblivion, meaning he could possibly be dead? But when has death ever prevented an Overwatch character from being relevant in the present am I right? lol

So. Going into detail, Mauga seems to be about the same body shape and size as Reinhardt. He wears a black, white, and red (typical talon) suit of armor with a machine gun equipped on his back (uses belts for ammo). He can apparently deploy a “Massive shield”, and if I understood the Sainclair interrogation scene correctly, he can move this shield without moving himself(?).
(it mentions that Nguyen "crept towards sainclair’ and Mauga’s shield followed him, but it never states Mauga himself followed)

This definitely sounds like a Tank hero, does it not?

What does everyone else think?

He sounds like a modified Heavy Assault and I won’t lie…he’s awesome!


He is wearing the same armor as the Heavy Assaults (sans helmet) and also isn’t brandishing one but two of those machine guns. I think he is most definitely a Heavy Assault but the shield definitely made me think he could be eligible for a new main tank and not just a “fat DPS” as some people describe the off-tanks.

I’m gonna be bummed if he isn’t the next playable hero but I am trying not to hype myself up too much. And not succeeding.

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You spelled Maui wrong


I’d be so happy if he’s a new main tank. We need more. and a machine gun wielding one with a personality like Mauga’s sounds great

EDIT: If he get’s added, the Talon class will be complete, with damage/tank/support covered


By far one of my favorite characters revealed so far and we haven’t even heard his voice. I’ve always been a sucker for his kind of personality so as long as they get the right voice actor he’s gonna be an A+ from me. I’m not sure he’s dead, somehow I don’t think he would go down that easily, just a sinking feeling. Still wondering who that omnic was at the end of the Storm Rising story, I assume a lot of people thought he would be a Talon tank…so, it’s interesting.

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There is NO WAY that guy isn’t an upcoming hero. His design is far too elaborate for that. Especially the eyes and the hair streak.


I have to wonder, how fast Disney sues them :thinking:

He sounds like he could be the Tank partner to go best with Hammond, and that’s what I’ve been waiting for. A hero that allows Hammond comps to be run effectively, without sacrificing presence on point

What makes you think this? not shooting it down but curious.

He sounded pretty stationary to me, he has a supposedly moving barrier, but aside that he seemed somewhat slow

My body is I’m ready for new tank!
Please take me now!

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Where is the new lore? Is it a video, comic, both ?

Yes it´s really me Mauga breath it in, I know it is a lot, the hair the pod when you are standing near the Demitank

It’s a story. go to Play Overwatch twitter
link is there

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oh I got a lore video for you

Moana is Baptisde
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Energy shield that apparently ricochets enemy attacks (Projectiles, at least) and two? huge machine guns that tear through concrete.

The best hero that overwatch needs. Ultimate is “You’re Welcome”

Let’s not take descriptors too seriously. Doomfist can level a skyscraper but can’t oneshot a thick new zealander

Im in if he uses Heavy Assault weapons and abilities.

Provide a link to the story as I feel like I’m missing it or forgetting it and not seeing it.