What wrong things did you think when you first started playing?

I thought lucio could shoot his teammates to heal them.
Emp hacked everyone alive, not a sphere around me. Genji secondary fire was useless. Holding shield at choke was the right play. Hog secondary was useless. Zarya beam could go through shields. Mccree ult shot all instantly, not right to left. Blade was useless, because one time I couldn’t kill anyone in a grav.
(I placed 1000sr and fell to 700sr my first 6 months)

I thought rein’s firestrike was an uppercut, so I went right up to someone to use it

I didn’t know about Genji’s dash reset on kills for a while after launch. Thought somebody was hacking when I saw them dash a couple of times within a second.

The first time i played genji i thaught if i deflected soldiers ult i would hit every shot

I thought Hanzo was for real a European.

That Bastion and Junkrat were op heros during the beta

I thought you could deflect hanzo dragon from far like in the cinematic…