What would u do, if turns out genji real stat are balance

what would u do, if turns out genji real stat are balance
and not like on overbuff

like maybe even after buff his real stat (not overbuff) are actually only average 0.5% higher winrate compared to the old one before buff

and blizzard decide not do anything about it

LOL i can imagine the rage on this forum


They did release official stats before and they were barely different from overbuff


can u give the link?

i dont even remember dev ever post stat about winrate on these forum

Hes not tho, his winrate is very high and he is already the most played dps in GM this week (above both Ashe who is busted btw)

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I’ll try and find some

Okay I can’t find it, i think it was on the old forums and those got shut down :frowning: Sorry

where u got your data, not overbuff plz

i was literally talking about blizzard data that have a chance being not the same as overbuff

overbuff dont even have the time or bother change offense and defese category, and dont even put symetra on dps…

they were actually vastly different than overbuff

Overbuff says masters is top 10%, masters is top 2%, diamond is top 10%.

thats a HUGE disparity in players

I don’t get the Overbuff hate. It obviously is not accurate on your hero ranking, but the general hero stats have a large enough sample size that it should be fairly accurate.

Yeah no. It was a while back. A dev posted here about soldier and genji.
I found

Totally matched up to overbuff for the most part at that time


And why would 500k open profiles they gain data for overbuff be somehow vastly inaccurate?

Genji is so overbuffed he’s top used dps on overwatch league now when he used to be one of the least used dps and even pros are complaining about him now.

There’s no question about it whether Genji has better stats or not. You don’t get more blade spam unless you’re doing vastly more damage and you don’t get all these players suddenly playing genji and going from 4.2k to 4.5k if he’s not really good.

Played the game for the first time in a long while last night

Had a guy who was Bronze support, Silver Tank, and Masters DPS

ONLY DPS they played in comp?



nice joke

im genji main and im stuck in high plat/low diamond

but my support low diamond, and tank high diamond

if u wanna lies atleast fake some s creenshoot

also some GM dps streamer trying unraked to GM with genji

he been stuck on plat for 2 days LOL, he placed 3000 and cant climb at all, stuck in 2900-3000 for 2 days / 14 hours

So he’s literally silver player in masters because genji is now so broken that you barely need game sense or mechanics. So we got like OG Brigitte and Moth mercy boost syndrome on genji too.

I did see on stream that this top 500 genji who hasn’t reached top 500 before play against ML7 with little more than plat game sense too.

I know for a fact that Necros one account which has never been higher than 4.2k before one tricking Genji immediately reached 4.5k after the genji buffs. 300 SR in top 500 is a LOT and it’s the difference between random GM player and pro players and players like ML7 who frequently place 1# on the ladder.

I need to check top 500 leaderboards, it’s probably 70% full of Genji and rest are ashe, mccree, tracer, widow and others.