What will supports look like in Overwatch 2?

I don’t know how the game will play but I certainly hope we don’t lose all ways of interrupting ults. It’ll be hella annoying getting blossomed for free. Also, there are quite a few heroes that would be VERY annoying to play against in their current form without stuns.


I’m not prepared to talk about DPS today.



This is a shot in the dark but can we expect more flying heroes, ever again?

Or are Pharah and Echo doomed/granted the curse/blessing of being the only “flying” heroes for all of time?

ps sorry for how many replies you’re probably getting…it’s just exciting to have a dev actually interacting with us

This is actually interesting to me, since my first ever post on the old forums, was a suggestion for the Cowboy’s flashbang to be replaced with something else.


That’s fine!

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It is something we’re considering


Ah good to know, thanks for the reply!


You’re doing so good at your job, and it is highly appreciated.

Just had to say that, carry on.


I mean it’s probably getting replaced with a Sleep, a Hack, or a Root.

Or some weird version of a counterstrike flashbang, or Paladins style Maeve Ult.

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I believe sleep dart is saying but not 100% sure

My original suggestion was a whip, something used to displace other heroes, but not stun them.

(Not saying I’m entirely for this but I just remembered my old post)

It acted similarly to his flash, but would move the hero closer to him, and do a small bit a damage.

That kind of ability could go in so many different directions, it’s a super interesting discussion.

Any progress regarding Bastion, Orisa, Sigma’s rework?

Keep up with the good work! :smiley:

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Well imagine a 1sec sleep dart, that doesn’t do a knockdown, and has only a 0.1sec minimum duration.

As a replacement for Flashbang

I really hope your guess is wrong.

(Nothing Personal)

Would any of the supports have the ability to cure cc/status contitions? I know that the devs said that cc wouldn’t be as prevelant in OW2, but the game’s posterchild support hero is a hekkin’ doctor!

We’ve been robbed! Robbed, I tell you!

I mean, I’m wrong a lot.

But I’m also right a lot more often than the rest of the community.

we are chatty today (I like it).

silly question: is the feeling in the team devs is serene or with adrenaline in the veins for these days?

Hello, speaking of supports, are you guys planning to keep the small techs on heroes like Moira, Mercy or even Brig on OW2? I’m talking about the fade jumps, the Mercy super jump and the Brig bash jump.

Thank you for responding.


Wish they did, those are fun

So did you talk to the devs about Ana’s Bionade, specifically the AntiHeal aspect?

I know the Brig change is really spicy, but are you up for doubling that spice today?

Kinda feels inevitable that either it gets a nerf, a rework, a few counters, or some sort of passive resistance for tanks.