What will supports look like in Overwatch 2?

You better see if they have plans to do something about the SMURF problem or OW2 IS DOA!!!

Don’t read too much into the examples I gave. They’re just “for example…”



Sorry, It’s just there are rumours that she’s being reworked so I’ve been really scared about it.

TY for your reply

Gotta admit I’m pretty worried. I hope they stick to the core of the character because right now most of it has been thrown out the window to please the competitive FPS crowd.

Shield bash going out is a bit weird. I get OW2 is reducing stuns, but how are ultimates like Death Blossom supposed to be countered then? Please don’t say Sleep. Ana/Zen gameplay makes ME want to sleep.


There’s not much they can do, other than maybe allow for account merging. Such that while gold+skins is shared, disciplinary reports are also shared.

And if the PVP goes F2P, then not even that’s gonna work that well.

Although I guess a good hero ban system would keep high ELOs from getting too boring and restrictive on meta hero choices. Which would remove a lot of the motivation to smurf.

I’m gonna be cautiously hopeful, but I and a bajillion other ex-Mercy mains have been burned before by similar promises :broken_heart:

Would the devs be willing to reconsider Mercy at this time? I know that it’s been a fair few years since she was reworked… but there’s so many unaddressed issues with how the rework affected Mercy’s playstyle, that the most upvoted post on the entire forums is a feedback thread dedicated to discussing it (and the thread is still alive!).


Rumors thrive and take root in the absence of information. My goal in being here is to cut down on the rumor mill and to provide you all with as much insight as I can as to what’s happening.


Well right now i really don’t see much to brigitte unless you have muscle memory reflexes with her. If the devs dont have to worry about her stun anymore, i hope they can go back to make her the tanky-healer she was initially designed to be.

I’m gonna sound like a broken record but i always felt like brig’s mistake in her design was that they tried to do two characters at once with her. A less-aim-reliant CC dps and a tank-support hybrid and because they couldn’t commit to either they ended up doing both. And people are so commited to hating on it, she is now left to rot to not be good at ANYTHING she had going for when she first came out. Not to mention her horrendous self sustain outside her ult that requires to be constantly dealing damage in a team fight which isnt evident when you become the priority target and the damage out-does your heal.

I think it goes without saying we have a lot of DPS, so perhaps a tanky healer (perhaps with the armor based burst healing since it was her thing in the first place at the cost of torb losing his armor packs) would be neat?

Honestly i was a big fan of Khan in paladins due to his ability to be a tank that could heal team mate and its something i always wanted in OW since launch and Brig was the closest to fill that niche/fantasy.


Can’t wait to see all the nerfs for Ball, Tracer, Doom and Genji too :smiley:


I’ll just reply once because I don’t want to discuss DPS balance in a support post, and I’ll keep it short.

While playing support, if Tracer recalls, I feel a lot less threatened or stressed on defending the other support. It’s the initial attack that kills the support most of the time. Basically, I don’t really care to much on how much Tracer heals, sure it can be less and that will maker her die faster after the recall, but if she just kills the support and gets away, it doesn’t really matter if she gets away with 150hp or 1hp.

Genji, I will not comment since I haven’t played him in like forever, but I feel more or less the same way.

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Well I was trying to avoid something more direct, like a 125hp Tracer.

Honestly i’m really thankful for that and your presence/communication is great. Has the team concidered asking you to do the next dev update vid? :smiley:

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Mourn the loss of those you cannot be with, but do not continue to do so when they return. Celebrate when you can.

I say this with Brig as my healer main:

Good riddance :wave:

5 damage short range single target stun feels like a residual piece of launch Brig still hanging around but in a pitiful weakened state

I hope by removing hard CC from her, they can replace/tweak it to have actual mobility bc that’s what I used it for most of the time anyway

Curious, will you be looking at damage as well? since the addition of Baptiste and Sigma the damage output has been much higher

Specifically Baptiste

We have a support that has high AOE healing, high damage, one of the best abilities that can save their team from many ultimates and one of the most fast charging ults, which increases both healing and damage outputs and they pretty much cancelled Moira.

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Well if I had to guess, they’d probably go somewhere in this direction.

Exactly, Stun is just more than “lol you can’t move”.

It presents interesting situations, almost every match against a reaper is a game of chicken on when to use the stun or when they will use Death Blossom. If I get pressured or an opportunity to get a kill by using the stun presents itself, should you use it?, even if you know Reaper has Death Blossoms?

Also Reaper has to be aware of where Brig is and if she has used the stun.

If they remove that interaction, Reaper can just go “lol ult” without a worry, well that sucks.

And that is just ONE interaction that is going to disappear (In the hypothetical case that ults can be interrupted in OW2).

If Brig is just a another Moira-esque support, it will be devastating to be honest.


Wasn’t this a test from the april fools patch?

I remember doing bash+whip+bash all instantly and laughing even tho it doesn’t work well in reality bc you whip your target out of your bash range unless it’s a big tank

I said this in the thread last week, but it bears repeating here: none of our hero design and balance changes for OW2 are being made in a vacuum. A change as fundamental as going from 6v6 to 5v5 has far reaching implications and requires us to examine every part of hero balance and design.


It’s definitely appreciated!

Have you heard if there is any consideration being put into dps heroes who, at least on paper, may heavily underperform in the new 5v5 format? For example with significantly less shielding and faster gameplay how will slower projectile heroes such as Junkrat, Sym etc compete with mid-long ranged hitscans?