What will supports look like in Overwatch 2?

I have a question, it seems like you are removing a lot of CC from the game, which is cool.

How are the supports meant to deal with the mobility heroes? Tracer and the like?


It seems like the plan is to nerf them.

Which sounds weird to be honest.

How do you nerf a flanker, Do you reduce the damage output by a lot, or plain and simple remove their flanking capabilities?

If they want fights to be shorter, and also reduce healing, how much damage is a flanker going to do to actually matter but not being OP?

If they remove or severely reduce their flanking capabilities, are they still flankers or just another CoD soldier?

I worry also for the DPS for OW2 (well just for the least popular DPS, I doubt they will weaken Tracer in a meaningful way for example).


Actually, I have played just tonight, and my account is usually on daily playing OW1. If I just never chose to come to the forums doesn’t mean anything about my activity on the game…
You lose, good day sir.

“We are all CoD Soldiers now!” :joy:

But quite honestly:
With all the changes we already know off, every single one of them seems to make the heroes more interchangeable with each other and I don’t really like this development :worried:


Well, you asked.


Specially since they are just telling us what they are removing without any hint or at least concept of what they are adding. Also, we don’t even know if they are adding anything at all that is not “it deals more damage”.

They just say that the heroes will feel like in retail, but a Mei that doesn’t freeze or a Brig that doesn’t stun, that’s not close to retail in my book. Maybe by close to retail means that they will have the same faces and VA lol.

Right now the direction of the game seems about homogenization. Let’s make everything to be relatively the same.


Appreciate that Andy. But to be honest, I have been very optimistic about this game until I started reading your posts about it. Now I am hoping it gets delayed for a few more years.

The rumor mill makes the game sound a lot more fun to play.


I love this! Thank you!

You act like Blizzard is just one bipolar dude who sometimes interacts with their audience and other times shuts themselves out. Do you work there? No. Assuming what you don’t know just makes you look like an entitled idiot.

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I hope so. If brigite stun is removed an healing is nerfed she needs hard compesation


No matter the outcome, supports will probably remain extremely broken and unbalanced. I’d be shocked if they got a single thing right when it comes to the support role.

And do you work there? It seems to me that you are the one assuming stuff, I never say anything of one bipolar dude but I like your imagination, keep it up.

It’s not like all the silence, content drought and various other real problems that people have voiced are my fantasies, those really happen, and they choose to be silent about it.

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If they are fun, I’m up for broken things at release, if the game feels like any other FPS, it’s going to lose my interest pretty quickly.

With flankers that not flank, supports that just are healers which dps, and tanks that are fat dps, sounds kinda boring.

I hope I’m wrong.


See, I wasn’t quite sure how to interpret his statement. But there’s two ways I was think.

“support Balance is broken”

  1. Are healers balanced vs healers
  2. There’s this notion that they have to balance the game as if Role Limits doesn’t exist, such that they have to avoid DPS getting replaced by Tanks and Healers.

So he could mean that “Support have too much
Objective Capture Influence”

Isn’t someone going to say it? No? Ok i’ll do it…
I dunno, it seems something that should’ve already be decided by now to me

This i would think regardless…but didn’t the last “report” or something said that the team was said to wrap up the last things/features before the “release”?

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Replying to a productive post with negative whining for no reason isn’t productive conversation. You aren’t entitled to jack. Grow up.

So Brig just keeps having more and more of her identity removed, giving her less and less to do even tho she is already one of the least played heroes, while Lucio and Ana keeps their more powerful CC abilities and much more to do. Will Brig players have anything left to do?


It’s more a case of you having a different interpretation of her identity to the developers.

One would think that one of her most important abilities that has formed how she is played and her role, is pretty important to her identity…