What will be the next excuse?

Taking bets on their next pitiful excuse as for why there’s no meaningful content. I mean just look when they said they wanted to rotate 1 new hero to 1 new map each season after Ramattras launch. That lasted 2 seasons, season 5 we get neither Hero or Map.

I’ve got 70% chance on “We don’t have the resources after our attempt at PvE drained us of them” and 90% chance on “The scale of the game has grown at a rate we couldn’t have predicted as such it’s taking us longer than anticipated to produce content.” despite them clearly haemorrhaging players based on queue times and financial reports.

Well before OW2 was the excuse, they used the excuse of Bug fixes and balance to have no updates in the events for a year. They always have an excuse.

Edit: Because you know Blizzard is just as mall indie company.

heck they cant even fix audio issues in the game the dev team jsut doesnt care…well whatever is left of the team

“We are now focused on allocating the resources we gained from pulling the PvE content. However, planning where to distribute said resources takes time and we are hard at work planning what to do with them. But rest assured, we will meet the roadmap we’ve shown in our last update.”


“Diablo 4, man.”

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