What was the 200MB patch about on the 21st December 2021?

Nothing in patch notes, haven’t seen anything here or on reddit. What was said patch about?

Far as I can see it has disabled replays on Xbox at least. I haven’t tried other platforms yet.

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Replays work on PC so i don’t know


So what gives, Blizzard?

Could be that it was something that disabled this patch temporarily.
Though all we can do is guess.

Well I would like my game to have full functionality first and foremost, but it would be nice to get a response from someone in the know.

on xbox u cant speak thru another acc (work around to stream game audio including voice chat) very annoying.

Works on my xbone. 20chars

Its working again now.

It definitely wasn’t earlier, all of my friends plus bug report on forum corroborates.

Still the mysterious patch! Lol

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Guess we will never truly know

Not the flying hog patch? Dang.

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