What type of support do you want to see in game?

So season 4 hero is confirmed to be support. I was wondering what type of kit/gameplay style are you hoping it will be? Also if it ends up being an established character in the lore who would you want it to be?


A support with an insta-kill combo against 250 hp heroes.

Because why not?


They have previously described the hero as a “mercy like” so I think there already is an answer to what you are going to get.

Season 6s support, that we don’t know what it is about.

I want more supports like Kiriko.


Seriously, though. Mercy-like. At least in the sense that I want a hero that’s more of a pure support who relies on positioning/utility to survive and help her team rather than having to duel all the time.

Say what you want but Blizzard has already turned up the damage on supports as high as it can possibly go and the support population is vanishing faster than ever. It’s time for them to start catering to the players who wanted support to be different from DPS.


I want an aura healer like Lucio that deals damage with a hitscan weapon. I have wanted this since Overwatch 1 released. I’m starting to suspect I’m not going to get one!

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Fingers crossed for a heal/utility focused support with low emphasis on directly dealing damage.

I get people enjoy the DPS/Supp hybrids, but I’d like an option besides Mercy.

I queue Supp to focus on upkeeping and enhancing my team, I’m not big on needing to deal damage. I’ll pull the Glock to deal with a threat, finish someone off, pull a cheeky assassination ect if I think it’s the best value I can provide atm, but I want that to be a minimal aspect of my gameplay loop.


A support hero that heals using…. Plants! Yeah a plant bassed grass type smoke it 420 hero that uses plants to heal. He/she can root themselves and receive damage buffs, armor, and heals just by standing near the support that rotted themselves. Think it like Ingrain from Pokémon.

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You described Brig, but minus the part of the utility, cause you know, currently she kind of have none besides her pseudo utility ult? Oh right, she can boop, I forgot that, sorry my bad…

I would like to see a Support like Kiriko, but with less damage, more heal and no invulnerability or other 100% immune crap like Ana’s Nade.

An omnic with a flamethrower! And as support power I think small turrets that generate a small shield And for healing I think three small drones like Zen´s orb.

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I want a support with a machete

that does dmg to teammates

and heals the enemy team


Brig literally needs to bonk to not be throwing.
It’s like heal/speed botting on Lucio, or only setting Discord, but never firing on Zen.

I could maybe do it, if I threw to get a low enough MMR for it to be viable sure. But I’m massively wasting potential. Really Moira’s the only Supp where you absolutely cannot avoid dealing damage, but you’re greatly kneecapping every option except Mercy if you mostly abstain from damaging.

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Hanzo with healing arrows/abilities sort of a dynamic archer healer/support

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Good thread topic.

Thinking over the still-unused weapon types in the game, a crossbow would be cool to see on a support. Perhaps this would tread a little too close to TF2’s crusader’s crossbow, but I wouldn’t really mind. Maybe an option to switch between a long range projectile and a short range scattershot, with a reload to reset your quiver?

I love movement so I’d like to see this support be a fast, but low damage hero that’s capable of fending of damage heroes with smart play, much like Lucio.

For an Ultimate, I’m really not sure; we already have plenty of support ultimates that give healing or buffs over a radius. Maybe this could be a support where the Ultimate only serves you and your damage potential.

This is wicked cool. Unsure how to implement the flames without making the visuals very cluttered. This is still a problem for Pyro in TF2.

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I would like :

Reinhardt shield as a defensive utility.

DVA fire power mixed with bastion

Widow Headshot capacity and scanner

Mercy Resurection

Oh and a Integrated MP3 player from which I can play Arch Enemy song as a Moral boost that can heal friendly and dmg enemy :drooling_face:

put bubbles on multiple people that heal them when they are hit, throwing bubbles on enemies acts as a dot, ult is a giant bubble over an area that has both effects where your team gets healed inside and the enemies get a dot effect.

would be an interesting wrinkle and sort of preventive heals instead of reactive heals.

A support that has excellent mobility, that’s for sure. No more static heroes please.

Considering Ana is the only sniper support, I would like another sniper. But with mobility and headshots.
It can’t just be a better version of Ana so there must be a trade off.

Maybe having an ability that can cancel Suzu, reverting the enemy back in time just before the Suzu, so we can keep cancelling each other’s abilities, that’s the new trend in OW2 :joy:

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One that won’t be gutted, the very second they’re not easy kills for dps.

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Kiriko was a game changer for me. She’s ridiculously fun.