What the developer meant about Sym's new ultimate

Continuing the discussion from [Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018]:

please let me fix this for you

Developer comments : The goal of these changes is to make Ana even less reliable than she is right now and burry her into oblivion where she should never escape from

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well it’s basically a shield right? can’t you walk past it?

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Pretty sure there’s several abilities in the game that don’t go through shields, why are you pickin’ on Ana’s incapability specifically?


Because Ana’s a sniping burst healer, her primary function is to heal from far away and she’s the only healer whose healing doesn’t go through shields. She’s having enough of a hard time right now with all those barriers, we don’t need an “infite barrier that goes through all the map”.

If you just want to “cross it” you might as well pick another healer because Ana’s mobility/survivability don’t allow her to be in close range

Well it only lasts 15 seconds sooooo.

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So Symmetra’s barrier is an ultimate. Meaning she has to earn it. And it is a good counter against Ana, but not something she’ll be able to use often.

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Unfortunately, they’re changing Moira’s biotic grasp as a “bug fix” so she can no longer heal through barriers either. This puts both Moira and Ana at a disadvantage against barriers.

pretty sure her primry fire goes through barriers. Your comparison would be good if you compared biotic orb to Ana’s nade : both projectiles thzt don’t go through shields

Why would it affect Ana in most ways? Were you trying to snipe Widowmaker-style?

Moira’s primary fire definitely doesn’t go through barriers. The orb she fires can heal and damage through barrier but her primary and alt fires cannot.

I got all mixed up, you’re right, Her orb DOES go through barriers, and her primary does not, at least not anymore with the last patch

Ana does need a huge buff maybe her healing increased or allow her healing to go through allies and heal everyone the bullet goes through or her rate of fire increases or give her back her heal over time effect from biotic grenade or increase effect time from biotic grenade??? Just a few ideas