What tanks in 5v5 feel like

standing on the point is a suboptimal way to play tanks in general.
Hammond is a main tank that fills the same niche as Winston, the two play very similarly at the basic concept: dive enemy backline and become a huge threat for the enemy team to focus on, while relieving pressure from your team.
Hammond has the benefit of being more self sufficient than winston on top of that. I dont think so far hammond has ever been a huge issue and i wouldnt want to see my fav hero redesigned because he MIGHT be hard to play in lower ranks, even more when all tanks are gonna play more similar to him, that is being bruisers

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Ah so nothing changes then.

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Shocking, who would apply such common sense on this change?

that is the idea. they are changing it because its not popular now and its causing balance and queue issues

you can find that right now by playing paladins, its ok

The way I see it, they should make all Tanks have something equivalent to a barrier.

No shield tanks in Overwatch 2 on defence like Kings Row?

The thing is, they are changing tanks to just big fat DPS, why even bother playing a big fat DPS that will be the center of all cooldowns and blame once he dies when, you know, the DPS role is there with more variety and less pressure?

By trying to make them closer to DPS they will just remove what makes tanks unique and enjoyable for the current tank player base and i highly doubt most DPS players would care to try the new tanks, especially if they now have faster queues

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I didn’t realise we had the same hobbies!

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More like making Tanks have most the capabilities of a Tank and a DPS at the same time.

And getting rid of the concept that they gotta balance role queue as if 4 tanks on a team is possible.

that is your opinion and i dont agree. they will be a different kind of tank and not just a fat dps

i guess you could say they are like a close range damage with defensive abilties instead of offence, that isnt that close to the damage role though

If tanks have any amount of importance in determining when to push or saving lives more often than the dps can/do then they’ll still be the center of the game. It will just be on one set of shoulders instead of two.

OW is an objective based game, tanks are leaders of their team - they create space and initiate fights

As long as OW is an objective based game tanks will matter more than DPS role or Support only if they arent buffed to ridiculous state

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Well, considering Hammond is by far the most fun tank for me to play, I am not upset about this :slight_smile: Is there anything more fun than being Spider Ham, swinging from buildings and piledriving some squishy DPS unsuspectedly?

C’mon, you’re a Hog main, the primary tank counter for Hammond. Plus, there are a slew of DPS who can counter Hammond as well. I run a lot of Hammond, and main Junkrat, and let me assure you an opposing Junkrat is usually enough for me to get off Hammond if I am running him. You can certainly add Sombra to that list as well.
Really, this game is a strategy game at its heart. You can’t one-trick heroes and expect to be any good. If a Hammond is a problem on the opposing team, your team needs to adapt to counter him. It’s as simple as that.

I mean, i dont really disagree with either, i just dont like the reduction of the defensive abilities in favor of the offensive ones.

Like, part of what makes tanks what they are is their ability to defend and hold space, i feel like 5v5 will change that space holding from a defensive point to an offensive one, basically as if every tank was hog, and at that point it just doesnt feel like there is that much difference from the space that you would get from a tank to the one you would get from the enemy DPS just blasting damage.

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No he wasnt. He was never an easy target like old Rein or Winston(who has a barrier. You dont see him doing dmg without a barrier. Not yet). He was never CC’d to death. Hammond was always able to move & shoot.

It was always about that until Blizzard starting killing barriers one by one. Back when barriers were good, it was a BAD thing if the Tank teammate went Hammond or Hog, because the team had no defenses.

Im tired of this. DPS have all the damage AND CC. Doomfist makes space & get kills. Same for Junkrat. All Tanks had to do was defend, so the team can push through or hold down a point.

But then Blizzard started killing the job Tanks are supposed to do.

They’re not Tanks then.

Paladins does it better alright. It didnt abandon its FPS/MOBA hybrid identity. Its ironic too, because that game was supposed to be the knock-off. Yet it does a better job at being old Overwatch than Overwatch.

The only problem that game has is CrossPlay. Crazy how OW separated Console & PC players, but Paladins didnt.

Eeeh, as a tank main the idea of 5v5 when I’m already melted in an instant and can’t peel for the supports kinda disgusts me. I quit a few months back and only recently began stepping back in but that’s mostly because a friend asked me to, once that 5v5 hits I ain’t touching it. There’s other game to play that won’t make me hate my life.

Yes I do. For one, with less players in the other team he generates less overheallth (his shield generation is gone in OW2).

Second, if players aren’t always in a large group, he will get less shields as often as he does.

Lots of high end steamers who have been playing with 5v5 have been saying how tanks aren’t so much as “guard the point” and are more about “guard a flank route” and “take a flank route”.

Hammond won’t have the regular sustain outside perhaps push maps when people group up on the push bot.

you don’t need to put 5v5 and butcher the entire category like this tho.
Just rework sigma’s shield so double shield is gone and actually rebalance tanks to be fun instead of hopeless shield bots that can’t shield.
There, you didn’t need to completely destroy the entire class.

considering the interviews and general direction that’s most likely the opposite of what they want to do.
Problem is the game is too chokepoint heavy, but i don’t trust blizzard in realizing it.

my god people like you are the reason tanks are memed as shield bots and ended the way they did.
And no, you can’t “tank” with doomfist, although ironically doomfist was a tank in early testing, so no wonder he kept some of that juice. But doomfist is not a tank.

yep, what i said in my op.
Basically they become paladins off tanks.

Says the person that that calls Hammond, aka Tracer with more health & shields, a Tank.

Blizzard designed Rein & the others with barriers originally so they can defend their teams while damage was the DPS’ job.

They ended because of DPS mains & the OWL.

Tell that to every DF tryhard that gets kills left & right. Not to mention, DF has his broken passive, boosting his survivability.