What tank counters zarya

Anything really? Thats like a good counter? I was thinking doomfist but not sure how to pull it off.

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Most tanks are good against Zarya. Even D.va if you can just disengage and keep getting heals should practically out tank Zarya. I’d say the only one who struggles against Zarya is JQ since she can always cleanse her own anti.

Best counters, imo: Winston, Rein, Sig/Ram. Winston won’t work if you don’t know how to engage properly. Doom doesn’t necessarily counter Zarya. It’s more of a skill match up.


Winston is your best bet.

Maybe Ram, since he’s good at ignoring her, but I rarely face him when I play Zarya.

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Rein is about 50/50.

Sigma gets ate up by Zarya and his ultimate is useless against her.


Dva for sure, eating a grav is always huge. Not to mention with boosters she can fly away.

Literally first thread I’ve ever seen D.Va mentioned. Eating a grav is good. But constantly having to disengage, building Zarya’s energy quickly, and having a huge hotbox with no defense against her primary fire makes D.Va completely bodied by Zarya. Zarya loves it when d.va ults as well

Boosting away means you are losing.

Saying she counters because she can DM Zarya’s ult is insane to me.


Depends on the skill level of D.va. If your movement with D.va is excellent, then she should be able to outlast Zarya. Most of the time double main healers are necessary. Even more effective if the map has high ground. I just wouldn’t recommend playing D.va against Zarya if you aren’t at a high skill with her.

Not true. Maps with long sights Sigma will always outpoke and outdamage Zarya. Zarya is one of the squishiest tanks in the game besides roadhog. Sigma absolutely kills Zarya with his ult. All you do is wait for her to use her bubbles and ult her.

I use to main sigma before jq zarya was definitely one of my more annoying match ups, Im not so sure about the whole dva into zarya thing tbh im not 100% with ya on that one brother.

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Well, at least in high rank it is. It all depends if Zarya’s skill can get kills early or else she just dies from not being as tanky as dva is. There is no 2nd tank to help Zarya push, so generally high rank D.va would just ignore Zarya and harass the backline or burst kill a squishy.

Rein counters any tank.


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You don’t engage the zarya , you dive her back line and kill it. Most zarya players are always facing forward, and theres not much they can do to protect their team.

Genji can deflect Mei’s ultimate, that doesn’t mean he is good into her. Same with D.va, Zarya is a beam hero which directly counters D.va. D.va potentially eating Zarya’s ult once or twice every game is not a good enough reason to pick her.


Used to be Hog, but Hog isn’t so great anymore

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I think this is more of a DPS solution. Might just be my own perception here but she doesn’t particularly counter anyone other than Sigma and only at close range, with bad barrier management. On her own, shes only as oppressive as the DPS she enables, and only as dangerous as your DPS enable her to be.

So either have hitscans or highly mobile compositions that can safely ignore her and manage how effectively her barriers can be utilized

Zarya isn’t that good, she got nerfed and is a sub par tank.

Because she has a fair bit of downtime between bubbles and no mobility, she is easy to kill with focus fire by any tank and a dps.

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If they don’t have Ana to anti-nade you when you get aggressive, I would go Hog all day. He can wait out her bubbles or even chunk through them then burst her down

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I had to take a double take on the D.Va recommendation - what?

No good Zarya should be losing to a good D.Va. Even the Winston recommendation I’m a bit iffy on but admittedly that is one match-up I don’t really think I’ve really experienced much despite how much I played Zarya.

But I would definitely recommend Rein and Ramattra, and somewhat Hog. I wouldn’t recommend Sigma even though you’d kinda use him in the way you would use Rein, except his grasp is useless against her and is free damage for her unless you can cancel into rock, which she can of course just bubble.


I play a lot of dva I never think to myself " oh no a zarya I better switch"
The only tank that zarya counters hard is sigma. If a zarya is high charge the dva can easily boost away. Otherwise she can engage and wina. fight pretty easily.