What sort of Enemies can we expect to face in a Talon mission?


The most obvious answer would be Overwatch Agents, but if it isn’t who would you expect? And what do you think the Bosses would be?


Maybe Helix Security if not Overwatch agents?

I just really hope it is a Talon mission, a pve mission with Doom, Sombra, and Widow sounds like a dream come true.


You’d need at least one support for the Talon mission so it’d be a good chance to push Batiste forward - a Talon skin and it being a mission from the past? And could be when Sombra and Baptiste became friends (as that’s been confirmed that they’re still in contact).

Baptiste, Sombra, Widowmaker and um…hmmm…kinda need a tank though >.> But yeah we need more talon backstory!


Didn’t need a Tank for Retribution, Doomfist could work perfectly


That is true. Though I suppose that’s because Reaper has self healing…but then you would also get the invincibilty field from Baptiste.


Baptiste has some powerful Far range healing to, which can help because Widow, Sombra, and Doomfist aren’t exactly heroes who like to stay together


Yeah, they could go with Moira or Baptiste or both?? like how the supposed leak is? I think it’s fake since it shows both Moira and Baptiste with Sombra and Doom. It would be unfair to have Moira in two consecutive Archives missions.

Tanks aren’t really needed just look at Retribution but if anything Doomfist would fit the role with the buffs and the amount of enemies to get shields off of in pve.


Some youtuber mentioned something about a possible vertical set up since Doom, Sombra, Widow and Baptiste all have vertical mobility. It would be really cool but I don’t wanna get ahead of myself.


If Sombra does end up in this year PvE, I can see health packs would be available in the Map.


Likewise, but then that really makes me not want Moira to be in because then that’s 2 Main Healers and 1 off healer


Sombra: “I’m going to find a way through Helix’s Firewalls.”