☀️ What Skin are you waiting for the Summer event?

Besides Demon Hunter Sombra (:sweat: One day will see it again), and Hero 31 (:shushing_face: Lets be quiet about that today).

What summer skin are you looking forward to?

Me personally

Grillmaster Doomfist
Swimsuit Moira
Schoolboy Lucio
Underwater Bastion
Soccerball Wreckingball
??? ???
Swimsuit Ashe and Bob
??? Zarya

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If they ever release Mauga.


Swimsuit Hanzo :grin:


…You know I should have expected as much but rough morning

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I dont know, im not much into all this swimsuit stuff so i dont have much ideas what i would like
The only thing i think i would like to see is hammond in skin that make him look like ball from lucioball

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I am just trying to imagine the perfect hamster outfit to go with that

It could be a soccer jersey. Something similar to the two soccer Lúcio skin has.

Just make him look similiar to lucio, with hair and everything XD

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Was thinking American football outfit, cause he is in the soccerball, (it’s a pun within a pun)

Or lets just make super realistic hammster in it (and im not good with puns)

*Soccer is actually Football

Scuba Pharah/Water Jet Pharah
Baseball Genji
Archer Hanzo (Similar to the silhouette in the Halloween comic)
Amphibian Unit Bastion
Boxing Doomfist

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Mostly I’m just hoping that they learned from last year and focus more on beachy skins instead of sports. Or at least if they’re going to do sports, then go for some actually fun and attractive ones like volleyball over more ugly American football x.x

From a personal standpoint, I’d hope for Symmetra, Ashe, and Hanzo. I’d say Pharah (ideally a mythical one like Mercy got) but I’ve given up on her ever getting anything even half-way decent.

And while I don’t play him, Genji is honestly deserving of skins for all the events this year.


We need to stop connecting ourselves to the Olympics

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Swim Trunks for the boys and Lifeguard Mercy!

Honestly? Nothing.

Summer Skins has yet to produce a skin I really like. They don’t really have any variation beyond “Sports Gear” or “Beach Gear”

Not sure if I want a football (soccer) Wball where hamster is a cute referee with hat and whistle, or a basketball Wball where hamster is in a jersey…

Again what about a Soccerball Wrecking Ball :soccer: with An American Football :football: Hamster. (Cause it’s a pun, plus sports wise, if Hammond was in the soccerball Which is being tossed around, it would be appropriate.)

aka a Football/ Football outfit

Honestly, I can’t think of anything else they could do that would still fit within the whole “summer” concept.

I’m not a big fan of the sporty ones, but the beach ones are kinda fun.

Onward to Halloween tho, that’s what I’m looking forward to.


Grid iron hamster isnt as cute as whistling referee to me, i spose. I wanna hear him whistle when he boops people to death, lol.