What Seagull wants in OW2

Destiny gets a lot of profanity removed but one thing they did right was raids (apart from scourge that was 0/10)

he’s a good guy, but he is also a bit elitist but i guessn when you play at his level you can’t not be.

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He was also the top ranked DVA player in OWL for a minute early on when dive was meta. He played for Dallas Fuel.

I dont think OW2 will be Destiny 2 stuff, its going to be something really short with progression but … not like WoW.
Maybe it has episodes and zones to visit and do things for sure but OW being like a “short version” of an MMO ? Nah.

I don’t care about the opinion of streamers but this is one I agree with. I’d love if OW2 had raid and dungeon-like content.

What I don’t want is a gear grind. Y’all can leave that in the early 2000s.

Also 8-man content with 2 tanks, 2 healers, 4 dps would be fun as hell.

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They already did bring in parts of the WoW team. :wink:

Omg please, raid/dungeon like content would be awesome

Seagull is a well known streamer/e-celeb that started his streaming career as a Genji main when Overwatch first came out, and currently a pro player in OWL. For a long time, wanting to become a great genji player was synonymous with wanting to be as good as Seagull.

He’s a controverial figure in the Overwatch community. When he mained Genji, he had a habit of just going for whatever target was most conveniently in reach and ignoring the enemy healers…

This backfired on him big time, That One Time When Ana got nerfed into the ground and left Mercy as the only main healer in the game.

It was also around the time players figured out a way to use a then-recent Mercy buff to exploit the SR system, so her use went up even more.

Before then, Mercy 1.0 was considered a D-tier healer in high ranks at best. She wasn’t normally played at high ranks (where Seagull played), so Seagull wasn’t used to playing against Mercy.

That’s when his usual playstyle of ignoring healers unless they shoot at him first started backfiring. He’d get a big multikill with dragonblade… but since he rarely focused the enemy Mercy, she would often be alive afterwards to counter it with her multirez.

Mercy did her job, Seagull as Genji didn’t.

Seagull got upset over this, and started talking about how rez should be removed because it was “so unfair”. His followers jumped on the bandwagon, and one witch hunt later we got Moth Mercy.

Many Legacy Mercy Mains blame Seagull for “ruining Mercy” because of this.


He quits OW a long time ago because the problem about game he stated still exists.

Never forget. Never forgive. (exaggerated for effect).


tbh I liked scourge, scourge was pretty fun because of tanks and different ideas for encounters. Also raids I think are a bit too much to ask for, raids take a long time to make especially a good one like last wish and if we get a raid it would probably be shorter than crown of sorrow and worse too. the mechanics would probably be something like sit on plate shoot bad guy.

I think that would be actually sick tbh…

Soooo he wants to play WoW with overwatch skins? Huh…can’t help to feel like he should load up WoW and raid?

What’s wrong with some people on the forums? The moment an OW personality is mentionned they become so vile and toxic.

What’s the point of raiding without raid gear? Where is the incentive then?

I only remember that Seagull made alot of fun towards Brigitte, I still think he had an impact on the biggest Brig nerfs. At least, he also hates Tracer, so there is still hope.
And It seems that Seagull doesn’t like the entire Overwatch Ulti-System at all. At least for me he sounds like he likes a game without any ults but with aim-skill only. I would suggest Counterstrike then to him. Which is the reason I only play Overwatch btw.

Besides that, Seagull is a nice guy and an enjoyable Streamer. He shows some serious skill moves in Apex Legends.

Well. He sure got a good awakenni g when he quit proleague and played out of his…”bubble” (as he called it. There’s some youtube video where he admitted that he was playing in some sort bubble that protected/blinded him from the harshness of Overwatch (or something to that effect)

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Would that strengthen his gaming-related opinion somehow?

Totally forgot Overwatch 2 was a thing…

Sure would, wont care otherwise.
Show me you are a amazing human being and not just a rich streamer, and i’ll accept all your opinions about any game, I’ll even want them in the game.
Sorry i’m just not a fan of most internet celebs

Theres some guys i follow on youtube, i love them because of their hard work, humble and friendly personality’s and views on life that can give me something, maybe a lesson from watching them.

Not a addicted spoiled gamer whose voice doesn’t match his face.
Feels like pyrocinical all over again.