What Role Do Y'all Main?

You sadist.

You don’t hurt others to heal. You heal to hurt others.

All of the Roles. lol

Used to be tank. I’m s hard dps these days. Only tank to get passes.

It’s hard to say now. I don’t really play QP/Comp anymore, but when I did, support was my strongest role. I did play a bit of tank pre-RQ, specifically Zarya, D.Va, and Orisa. All the other tanks sucked.

(If my aim is off, I’ll go Hanzo first, but if it’s really, really bad, I’ll go Zen to provide heals while still partaking in the shooting).

(Ana’s actually my go-to character now for Deathmatch.)

FLEX, always. Which means I am usually a Tank.

God help both sides XD
She may be more of a team player but I’ll find a way to feed

I’m a flex at heart but I’ll always favor the Tanks

Support. I like defensive, strategy-based playstyles that favor timing/placing abilities with the goal of protecting my team from those no-good reds. :laughing:

I can be technically proficient at dps and aim-based gunplay if needed, but that kind of gameplay just doesn’t “click” with me.
Precision aiming is something I often physically struggle with (I ain’t exactly 17 anymore lol), I have more fun saving lives than taking them anyways. That’s why I gravitated to Overwatch in the first place.

Im a flex player so mostly tank with some support.

I like to think I’m a support man but… I’m technically playing more tank :eyes::no_mouth:

I just wish I didn’t have to manually queue for DPS or else never be able to play it. Even getting DPS every once in awhile would have been nice, but I have never gotten it even once Flex queueing :expressionless:.

100% a dps main.

Support mostly. Tho I play a lil bit of non-hitscan (minus Hanzo) DPS as well (yes I’m masochistic at this point) but I rarely play tank.

Used to main DPS when I played with a Support main and a Tank main, but now I don’t have any role preference, my hours will show me as a Tank main but that’s usually because it’s easiest role to find a game for

I do consider myself a Sombra main but more so if I could only play one hero I’d pick Sombra

support and dps. I would say I main sombra however I feel most confident on support as I’ve played it the longest

DPS now. Had to swap from tanks to DPS since I don’t want to play Sigma and any other tank lacks carry potential against higher tiered players after all the nerfs

Preferred role: Tank

Current role: Tankbuster

I like to play all the roles but the one I’m best at is Support

Used to be a tank main way before the HUGE nerfs to tanks.
Right now I don’t play as much because of the new direction the game takes but when I do play I guess support, sometimes dps.

Mostly Genji & Lucio tbh.

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Grow up and get a reality check. They’ve done nothing.

Still a flex (Q) Main. Hanzo, D.Va and Brig as my most played Heroes.

Mainly DPS especially Genji
But I’m enjoying tank a lot recently 2tricking rein/sigma