What Role Do Y'all Main?

I’m usually maining the support role, which I don’t mind since I like playing Ana, not overly fond of the other support heroes, except maybe Baptiste.

Support. I’ve honestly never queued up for flex a day in my life, because I’ve never found the need for priority passes. My queue times in quick play are always fast since I literally only ever play support.

Hey, is AndyB ok? They have vanished, and people are starting to get worried (like me)


I don’t specialize in a role, I only play heroes I like and don’t switch unless they’re taken.

My hero pool is just Sym and Moira now (even if I’m hard countered/ “the issue” ). I refuse to play Mercy, Tracer, Mei, hitscans, Torb, Ana and Brig. And I know how to play those heroes well enough to match my one tricked heroes if I took the time to lose the rust.

I don’t blame anyone who puts me on their avoid list. Some maps/comps basically forces you to carry me. But I aint switchin.

He told us Jodie (or was it Molly? Bad with names sorry) was basically going to handle 90% of the communication with us from now on. I think Jodie/Molly writes the patch notes now.

In normal Overwatch, support. In FFA OW, dps.

AndyB is completely fine! I’ll let him know you asked. :blush:


Ok thanks so much! You know we love our community manager peeps.


I just picked up D.va this season. Literally played her for the first time.

Now I get it. Why switch when you could just play more D.va? I’m not excited about 5v5 with her though. Every move they make seems to be designed to eliminate gameplay I enjoy.

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I’m still around folks.

I’ve been heads down on planning for the year to come, so my apologies for being less visible since the new year. Give me a few more weeks and then I’ll be a different kind of busy, but more able to jump in here on the forums.

All that said, Jodie is awesome, so y’all be sure to show her the same kindness you’ve extended to me.


Hey man no worries, just glad to hear you’re doing alright. We appreciate you and Jodie, keeping us forums (relatively) sane.


Tank mainly but when i like to have fun dps

Support on main account (lucio otp) but since Lucio has been worse and worse I’ve been losing more and more. I just made this account to play DPS, and so far I pretty much play Reaper (90% of the time) and McCree when I need to hitscan a Pharmercy

But you gave the ccs these plans before your break so wtf is there for the PLAYER BASE


if you want to see what will happen to this game, pay attention to what happened to HotS.

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I am Main Damage Role.

Getting rolled over mostly.

In 2016-2017 I used to play all roles pretty much equally. Then for a few years I was pretty much exclusively playing tank and support. Now I’m more confident playing all roles and I’m changing things up.

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You sadist.

You don’t hurt others to heal. You heal to hurt others.

All of the Roles. lol