What really was wrong with mass Resurrect?


I mean, I responded to everything you said.

You said ”Hide n Res” was a strategy used to exploit a SR system. Then you said ”Hide n Res” would still exist if the SR system was fixed. Why use a bad strategy if you don’t have a motive for it?


People would hide and Rez. Yes some people used it for the SR exploit but even if Rez was implemented with the fixed SR. Some players are still going to hide and Rez.

In short the SR exploit may have been the main cause but just because that’s problems is solved it doesn’t exactly stop people hiding. It just wouldn’t affect their SR loss or gain.


Wouldn’t it be dope if they brought back mass Resurrect and made it so you can’t use it without needing the death of a teammate? :smiley:


Mass Rez in itself contradicted that “fast paced” gameplay the OW team tried to make as its identity. Mass Rez could extend a fight so it’s no longer as “fast paced” as it proclaims to be.

(Yes they have mentioned that they really want OW to be known for their fast matches, it’s why Symm’s healing turrets never got far because they took to long and they hindered the game flow)

HOWEVER I think it could have worked IF Blizz attempted to work with it and try other ideas, like they did with Symm and replacing Hanzo’s scatter.

Mercy didn’t get that chance. There was no dev input about them adjust how rez worked. Nothing about adjust the radius, adding LoS, added cast time; unlike the others.

I would like to think that if they HAD given the chance like they did with the other heroes maybe the rework wouldn’t have crashed as bad as it did.


That happened to me in GM all the damn time. No thanks. I never want Mass Resurrect back.


Then… you clearly didn’t wipe the entire enemy team, did you?


However, it makes the players on the other team feel cheated in a way no other ult does.

Well, it does mean that Mercy’s team was at an advantage in the next fight.

I’m pretty sure Rez was the fastest charging support ult.


That, logically, does not make sense. You first said, ”Hide n Res” was used to exploit a broken SR system. Understandable. Why would the problem persist after you fix the thing encouraging the problematic playstyle? After all, ”Hide n Res” is an incredibly bad strategy.

It was though? No one is going to continue using a bad strategy.

On the contrary, it would affect their SR loss since they are going to be losing way more games now.


I was horrible unfun to use 2 or 3 ults to wipe a team then have all of them come back. I also liked it because my team won a small Overwatch tournament because of it.


The problem I have with this is if you kill Mercy before the fight, she’ll come back and resurrect the whole team right afterwards. Killing mercy before the fight always felt like you were on a timer so it everything felt moot. :cry:


I was in GM at the time as well. My success rate with big resses doesn’t remotely hold a candle to my success rate with tempo rezzes. Also, the only real problem I can understand and have dealt with was the prolonging fights issue. Even then, a simple ult charge rate nerf could’ve fixed that.


What Really Was Wrong with Mass Ressurect?

All of the possible issues listed in your OP. But mainly…

“It bruised my fragile ego… Cuz my hi-skill flick-tricked Doritos and Mtn Dew boosted POTG was ruined by that darn no aim no brain Mercy main!”

Overall, nobody is happy about this…


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People are stuck in their ways. I’m saying it’s a possibility. Yes it would stop for the most part as it’s a “bad strategy” but you’ll get those occasional games where it’d happen still.

You’re just honestly sounding really picky for no reason at this point to me.


Does it not make the player feel cheated to be killed by a literal aimbot?

Or instakilled by…

  • Rocket Barrage?
  • Rip-Tire?
  • Self-Destruct?
  • Meteor Strike?

Or disabled by…

  • EMP?
  • Graviton Surge?
  • Earthshatter?

I could go on.


It was fixed while Mercy had mass rez.


Using 2-3 ultimate is an extremely bad though. Also, you expended that many ultimates and missed out the Mercy? Seems like you deserved to feel disheartened.


“Hide and Rez” was literally the only valid argument, and that could have been fixed easily by a LoS requirement.


And the same could probably be said if we removed Resurrect from the equation.

Think again.

In those two threads, I compare the charge rate of Resurrect against the other support ultimates by taking averages from Overbuff that contribute to ultimate charge.


You can’t get a Mercy when she is hiding 3 miles away from the fight and then just flies right back in.


Because it just doesn’t work.
Something that has team-wipe potential like a Nano-Blade requires an Ana and a relative amount of skill from the Genji.
Mercy was no skill involved.
And before you go on about “no skill? It’s ow skill isn’t the main part of it”, yes it its.
Nano, Trans, Primal, etc. require some vauge idea of skill, knowing when to use it.
Rez was whenever someone was dead and it unbound countless ult work.