What really was wrong with mass Resurrect?

Opps, I missed that part.

Except you used an ult to kill most of them the first time, meaning you don’t get much ult charge back.

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t, when has there ever even been a fixed number on the amount of ultimates one ultimate can counter?

That is stupid. If there is no limits in ults Junkrat ult should have 1000 hp

I wouldn’t say Zen was weak across the board.

I have no problems with tempo rez.

Never said I liked any iteration of 2.0.

There are many instances where people were full held early on in a map due to clever and disciplined play.

Your team has to be down first. You have no way of using your ult to help kill the enemy team before they can use it. Incidentally, this is how people full hold the enemy.

Tempo rez isn’t the issue here.

It isn’t unreasonable to expect good gameplay design.

Please tell me how using an ult to win back an objective that you would have otherwise lost is a poor investment.

Numbers are what seperate mass rez from tempo rez and only the former is a problem.

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You know that when mercy got a 3+ Revive they were rarely close enough to all get naded.

I disagree.

Wat? “Hide n Res” still wasn’t encouraged by the ultimate. It was just the SR system. The same one that was fixed just right before her rework

Not really. It’s a ultimate.

Mass Resurrect isn’t a CD ability. It’s an ultimate.

The enemy team, unless incompetent, will not expend ultimates in a 6v5, especially if the team with the hiding Mercy isn’t intending on using ultimates.

That’s ridiculous. The enemy team used all their ultimates in a 6v5? Sorry, but that is extremely unrealistic.

Nothing was encouraged by the ultimate.

Here, hold this:

Nope. It was the worst way to counter ultimates.

No sane team is going to expend ultimates in a 6v5. :man_facepalming:

All of this because of the SR system and misinformed players.

You completely missed the point I was trying to make.

What are you even talking about? Like I said, there isn’t a fixed number on the amount of ultimates one ultimate should be able to counter. The fact that mass Resurrect even existed already disproves this.

There are many instances where people were still having a hard time with fights in a map due to ultimate comboes.

Exactly? Your team gets killed by ultimates, you survive, then res en masse.


Because you aren’t winning anything. All you’re doing is prolonging a fight that you would’ve otherwise lost sooner but this time, you’re also feeding ultimate charge. What kind of successful use of an ultimate is that?

No? Tempo ressing is ressing to keep up the tempo of the fight. Any number of players ressed can assure this.


OK you guys need to stop quoting entire posts, I lost 50% battery on my phone scrolling through all that.


I’m talking way back. Like before his health buff way back. You are correct though. He wasn’t useless. He was just very hard to play with sniper mccree, roadhog hook 1.0, and early widow.

The fact that devs Fixed that error disproves your no limit idea. They even fixed grav dragon. Get real

Huh, I thought that was beta.

Yeah. I mentioned the beta in my original statement. Unless I’m loosing my mind, which is possible given how long I’ve spent on the forums today.

Except nowhere was it established that mass Resurrect was reworked because of there being a limit to the number of ultimates one ultimate could counter.

my issue was that it literally undid your team’s efforts. Other ults kill peeps or try and prevent deaths, but hers literally said, “no you DIDN’T just kill X people”

More than likely my fault.

Dying also undoes your efforts if your efforts don’t amount to elims.

It doesnt say anywhere Hitscan counters Pharah either. Overwatch is a buggy game and under fix. What is right or wrong is hard to decide maybe. But we always need a sheriff in the last

The best way to deal with that is to strike preemptively. Making it so that the enemy has to choose between holding their ult forever and being forced to use it prematurely eliminates the need for the economic effects of mass rez.

And so the entire fight comes down to the tiny window right before the rez. People aren’t aimbots, and accuracy tops out at round ~55%. Combined with a tiny window for shots and luck factors in more than it should and the entire fight shouldn’t be decided by it.

How is having a 100 % chance of losing the fight relevant to scenarios where I said that you have a reasonable chance of winning?

You don’t have any tempo when most of your team is dead. For that you need mass rez. Tempo rez is doing it early so you never get there in the first place.

No, mercy can just rez me. See how that is counterproductive to the point of being better then the enemy?

That’s not an argument.

The SR system is the same for Bronze-Plat. Only 7% of the player-base gets to play with the “fixed” SR system.

It is an in-game mechanic that has a maximum potential to be used just like an ability does. Arguing semantics is silly and intentionally ignoring the points being proposed.

Semantics. As stated above. Ultimates are no-different in that players will try to maximize their potential gain out of them just like they will on abilities.

Except they do. Often. It’s why it was such a common occurance to see Mercy doing 4-5 Man rez play of the games after hiding during that period.

Team got wiped by Blade/Blossom/Grav/Visor/etc. and Mercy, who wasn’t there for the fight undid the event. The game mechanic rewarded the player for not participating in the fight and being alive to undo the lost “team” fight.

In many cases, yes. They would. Grav, Nano, Blade was a common combination during that time. That’s half the teams Ults. And unless the team was pushing in with all 6 Ults up they’d likely have none left or perhaps one left.

In-game mechanics, as I stated above, have a maximum potential value if used correctly. Lucio’s boop encourages him to seek out Enviromental kills due to the way it is designed. It can be used for spacing/peeling, but due to the high value of securing a kill on a Full-HP target the in-game mechanic encourages the player to seek out the high reward with low risk.

Yes, it’s not an Ultimate. But it is a in-game mechanic and thus is still going to be utilized in a, “How can I get the most out of this?” fashion from players.

No, you can use your own words.

Be an adult and formulate your own argument. You’ve failed to do anythng other than state, “No” and “I disagree” thus far without any proper attempt to provide an actual discussion.

You can post points from a thread, but I am not going to entertain you posting an entire new thread derailing the conversation at hand in a condescending manner.

I think one of the biggest problems with mass rez is that it didn’t like do anything for your team during the fight, it just hit the reset button on the team fight and it either left your team at a disadvantage or the enemy team at a disadvantage. Every other ult in the game contributes to the team fight instead of just resetting it. It wasn’t a fun play style for mercy in my opinion

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