What really was wrong with mass Resurrect?

The only ones that are doing that are the ones saying ”Mass Rez was OP!! Hide and Rez was in EVERY SINGLE MATCH!!”

Like. Come on.

exactly, ‘hurr durr only worked on bad teams or bad players’ those kind of statements seriously wonder why i even bother coming on the forums.

im not one of those, i am one of those that admit mass rez was not even remotely balanced, and that hide and rez was in a lot of games and was popular and successful across every single rank and even in some pro play games.

Mercy players are insanely in denial.

Oi, I’m not part of a circle jerk I just didn’t like Mass Resurrect. ;-;

Can you blame me? I still want Mercy to be fun for all the Mercy players but the thought of Mass Resurrect coming back haunts me

Gonna need links here. I have this feeling that you’re confusing “Hide n Res” for ducking into cover when hearing ultimates.

Why are you surprised that it worked in those ranks? They are bad players. It doesn’t suddenly mean the strategy is good.

Cuz. “DiSHeaRtEnInG to PLAy agaiNST”.

Link it.

‘hurr durr always worked, it’s a good strategy!’. Those kind of strategies seriously make me wonder, why do I even bother coming on the forums?

This is rich. Coming from the same person insisting that the strategy is good even though there’s enough evidence to prove the contrary.

I’ll be honest here - I’m not gonna go out of my way to link you stuff just for you to go:

“ACCKKTTUAALLLYY SHE WASN’T HIDING. Her toe was out! You could see her toe so technically she wasn’t hiding! Fake news! This is fake news!”

From what I’ve read you don’t want to have a conversation, you want to argue things and your opinion seems to be the only one that matters. There’s no swaying your opinion and you’re not going to sway mine.

Good luck pushing your cause, I hope Blizzard can find a middleground for everyone. :grin:

It happened to EeveeA all the time is top 500 as well. She would frequently rant about it because it didn’t work, at all.

I’m not even arguing this lmfao. When you need to make up stuff to make me look bad.

I mean, most of what I’ve said is backed up by evidence somewhere in this thread. All you did was say no and called it a day.

Same. That will most likely involve this:

and theres plenty of proof of hide n seek working successfully and popularly in every single rank from bronze to top 500 as well as pro play.

Anyone who knew seagull specifically of the high tier streamers back then would know how popular and good it was in high tier.

also im a bit tired of titanium being preached every single time as if the rework titanium proposed is perfect.

People can play bad. Its not like people in GM are the perfect players. Now, something like players from the OWL losing to this strategy and I’d be shook.

And anyone who watched x streamer would know how popular and bad it was in high tier.

I don’t care? It wasn’t meant for you to read. That being said, is there anything wrong with it that you’d like to let me know?

in pro play the strategy was used and it was one of the only times mass rez mercy was used in pro play and successfully used at that.

I dont know enough about how titaniums proposed rework could effect the game overall, id happily look at it and think about it though. I wouldnt mind trying out pacify without thinking about it if they simply removed rez

I disagree. Mercy was only ever used to synergize with Pharah. Mercy’s in pro play would only ever use Resurrect to res the Pharah.

Res can stay. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rez can stay, just enjoy an unfun basically unviable character because she will never get reverted as long as rez stays.

they have used hide n seek before to rez their team. It wasnt uncommon for when mercy was used and they had rez to force resources out of the enemy on an already lost fight, then rez the entire team, win from the resource war.

She will never get reverted if res can’t stay though??

she can get all of her nerfs not involving rez reverted. healing, movement, ptr nerfs after rework, etc.

Personally mercy will not be getting reverted to mass rez, it was not balanced, blizzard is too prideful, and blizzard will not go back to a whole different bundle of problems.

They literally didn’t have to.

I find it hard to believe that pros out of all people can be forced to use resources in a fight they are already winning as you’ve so put it.

That’s not a revert.

doesnt matter if they didnt have to, they did it and it was used successfully

pros are not perfect, literally in the owl finals the best dps player in owl used a genji blade on a fortified orisa being healed

revert = changing back any buff/nerf/rework done to a character. for example, meis rmb drop off, that was a revert. the mercy hps, that was a revert

They didn’t and if they did, it was going to most likely be unsuccessful. Besides, I’ve yet to see a clip of “Hide n Res” being used in pro play. Do link it when you have the chance.

Pros are indeed not perfect. That being said, pros are not players that are easily going to get forced into using resources in a fight they are already winning. If they are winning the fight, they don’t need to expend any resources unless to counter the opposing team’s resources that are being used. If anything, this further proves the point I’m trying to convey. “Hide n Res” is only ever going to work on players who are playing bad. That being said, it could just be that these players only played bad once. That doesn’t change a thing. “Hide n Res” counters bad gameplay.

That’s individual reverts. We’re talking about her kit as a whole. If Resurrect is removed but everything else is brought back, it isn’t a revert.

??? it is a revert if they revert the nerfs that dont involve rez to her. That is still a revert, doesnt matter if rez is removed before they do it, its still a revert.

Hide n Rez was still popular and successful across all ranks and in pro play, didnt work all the time but it wasnt ‘useless’ or ‘a meme’. It was like goats, popular, successful, doesnt work all the time.

sadly any links to pre owl vids would be a needle in a haystack and i dont even know if they still exist. Due to this you can always argue that i dont have proof so im wrong, but whatever, i dont really care. Im continuing this discussion to entertain us both.

because in reality we both know blizzard will never revert mercy back to pre valkyrie in terms of ult/rez. deep down or just clear as day.

It literally isn’t.

It was popular. Definitely not successful and when compared to GOATs, it doesn’t hold a candle to it in terms of successfulness.

You could’ve just ended the conversation earlier. Right now, you’re not entertaining me at all. You’re arguments where regurgitated a couple of times in this thread alone by multiple others.

I disagree.

verb: revert; 3rd person present: reverts; past tense: reverted; past participle: reverted; gerund or present participle: reverting

return to (a previous state, practice, topic, etc.).

This is the definition and that is exactly what im saying. Buffing back all the non rez things that were nerfed, would be reverting the nerfs.

how was it not successful when theres tons of proof of it working across every rank and even you acknowledge it was successful in comments above. i agree with it being compared to goats tho.

then im entertaining myself.

and frankly i say we just say agree to disagree, it is clear neither of us will budge on this when both of us can back up what we are saying(for the most part on my end)

Most ultimates create a threat that has to be dealt with in that moment, like dodging Hanzo’s Dragon or finding cover from a DVa bomb. These threats are momentary, and avoidable. Mass Rez Mercy? She operated differently. Her ult gives her back up to 5 player controlled allies, until they die again. That’s the distinction I want to focus on, because there is infinitely more value in essentially summoning 5 bodyguards who can think for themselves, compared to say Tracer who throws a single tiny sticky bomb. Nothing compares.