What people don't get about Mercy mains complaining

I don’t think most Mercy mains even want mass Resurrect back though. I feel like the simplest solution is to make Resurrect an ult again, still single target, but with no cast time, since that I think is the biggest complaint against it.

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Look I play nothing but Quick Play which it looks like you do too. To say you are FORCED to play Mercy in an unorganized Quick Play doesn’t seem right.

I have played Lucio and Sombra fine in Quick Play because it’s Quick Play. I doubt you are FORCED to play Mercy in a less organized game.

I also don’t think she is a worse healer than other healers but that depends on what you mean by worse. Just potential healing power or overall usefulness?

Edit: Who knows maybe you do play Comp. I don’t believe Private Profile hides rank but I could be wrong.

Well there’s always Zenyatta, Moira, Ana, lucio, or any other hero on the roster, no one is forcing you to play her

She has more things she can do now, old Mercy literally was an M1 bot who pressed Q every once in a while. That’s it.

She’s got the best consistent heals out there, better than ana cause ana can miss.

You don’t need to play mercy, moira is fine

Rez is powerful, and I agree it should be earned somehow instead of on a timer, but making that change doesn’t change how mercy plays at all

I used to play her in comp, got all the way up to like 3990 (rip GM dreams), but then they started changing her, and she just isn’t fun to play in the same way she used to be, at least in my experience.

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See I don’t find her fun either and I did the simple thing of not playing her. I don’t ever feel forced to play anybody in this game.

I’m going to argue against one of those assertions using a piece of my post (which has already been linked here by Reverendpaqo):

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When has that been a rule?

then play someone else, problem solved. Let the people who enjoy mercy enjoy her and find yourself another character.

No, stop! your character was one of the most OP characters in the history of the entire game for most of it’s life. Just accept mercy is close to being a well balanced hero.

she’s not, so that problem is solved. just because mercy isn’t the op, one true pick for healers now doesn’t mean she’s not a good healer. still one of the best in the game.

okay back to this point, I’ve been playing the game since season 3 and mercy hasn’t changed that drastically in how you play her… so was she always boring but was just so OP that you couldn’t avoid playing her? like what is your complaint with this one? she was boring when the game dropped and she’s boring still. This aspect of the game hasn’t changed or anything.

Main Healers have more burst/sustained power than an Off Healer so if the Main Healer also had an ultimate that was incredible the Off Healer really does get the short end unless they have a really powerful niche like Lucio had before it was nerfed.

It’s not a rule but it does make sense to me to distribute power like that with healing categories.

Another word for Off Healer is utility healer.
You said it yourself Lucio’s speed boost, Zen’s discord orb
A healer who’s almost purely defensive with no damage ouput to their name why not let them have a defensive ult. there’s a reason Sym was originally meant to be a support, because for a time Blizzard wasn’t against the idea of a non healing support, shields, cooldown alteration, slowing the enemies.
Give utility like this with minimal actual damage and you’ve got a support.

Of course. When Blizzard changed Symmetra into the damage category it also implied that support is now the “healing” section. Discord Orb is strong and Lucio’s Speed Boost can be strong.

Mercy’s Ultimate is used to increase her healing potential.
Lucio’s is used to defend from damage.
Zenyatta get’s the best of both worlds for healing and defense.
Brigitte gets a defensive ult.
Moira get’s a mix but it is generally stronger as a healing tool.
Ana gets an offensive ult but it’s heavily reliant on the person who receives it to use it well.

I think the way the ults are designed pretty well for Main/Off healing difference.

This is also a big reason why I don’t want Mass Res on Mercy because it doesn’t increase her healing potential it’s more of a utility ability that fixes a mistake that shouldn’t have ideally happened in the first place.

I don’t want mass rez I want a single (or double I want to try double but I’ll take single) rez attached to a Valkyrie that lasts 8 seconds with double healing on a single beam and no chain beams.

Also Brig only has one burst heal other then that she’s an Off healer especially when her passive healing isn’t that much higher then Lucio (and it requries ativation.)
But her ult is really just a better Valkyrie.

I have an unpopular opinion on Resurrect in general and I don’t want it in the game in any form. I understand that the removal of this ability is pretty much not going to happen but still.

Brigitte’s heal (at least to my knowledge) is better used to apply armor before a fight starts so you can prolong it slightly more with Inspire.

I do believe her ult however should beat Valkyrie simply because Mercy is providing more in the support role than she is in general.

Her damage comes from a combo other than that she is weak, her healing is less than Lucio and requires you to be able to hit someone first to use it. Her only heal that doesn’t require a hit has a travel time and is better used for starting a fight. In all honesty her having a better ult than Mercy is just fine to me.

… read what you just said in pargaraphs 2 and then in 4

Just read through those 2 statements and then remember what we are aruging about “why is it a rule for Off Healers to have certain ults while main healers have a different kind.” That is what came up. Now read through those two statements again
Also INspire dosen’t prolong passive armour from Rally, nothing can heal that armour back up.

Mercy would be more fun if rez was an earned ultimate rather than having it handed out on a 30 second cooldown and a weakness-erasing spectator mode ult.

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Yeah I read through them again and I don’t see an issue. If you wish to bring it up then explain why it’s an issue to you as this is a discussion.

To be fair I did state it WAS NOT a rule. I am simply arguing that to some degree it makes sense.

I know Inspire doesn’t restore it and that was bad wording on my part the armor is used as the base and the inspire will start healing after the armor is destroyed or expired prolonging the fight slightly.

However if the fight lasts too long Brigitte is not going to be a good pick in my eyes.

How about instant cast single Rez in Valk, with no PermaRegen in Valk?

How about no valk, rez as her only ultimate, and something to fill her E.

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If she gets Res as an ultimate she doesn’t need an E.

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How about something likely instead of an extreme longshot?