What now for Orisa?


The armor still worked during fortify, so she still suffers from the nerf.

He only gets nerfed though. Even against this weakened armor his damage is such that it still gets cut in half. This doesn’t help him at all.

Probably not. He also only gets nerfed. The changes affect his survivability without giving him a DPS buff against armor because of his damage per bullet.

Reinhardt isn’t going anywhere. He’s by far still the best main tank. Him, Zarya, and Orisa are also the only tanks who get a DPS increase against armor too.


? He’s one of the shotgun using heroes that got their damage heavily reduced by armor. His effective damage per shot just went way up.


He does gain a measly 2 damage per swing from it. But he doesn’t lose anything more than her. They have the same armor.

She is already weak. This doesn’t change anything. Reinhardt still out classes her and if tanks are played at all, it won’t be Orisa.


He already does 6 damage per pellet meaning his damage is still reduced by half.


Sadly, it didn’t. His damage per shot is too low. It’s still cut by 50%.


Well in reallity all you need to do is to get close to Orisa and shoot her in her massive hitbox. Not that hard if you use proper flank or hero with mobility. I wonder if devs were even considering how it will affect her when they came up with those changes.


Actually I looked into it, and yeah, you’re right. Literally nothing changed about hog, and the supposed buff to reaper is way smaller than I thought.

They literally pointed out shotguns for the buff and it barely does anything to them…


Torb shotgun does 20 more damage now and Sombra also does the same.


So…SOMBRA BUFF? Now that’s cause for celebration for me!


I’m surprised no one has brought it up yet.


Barely. I would not be surprised if she’s stronger now because now she’s better against armor.

Not directly, it’s the meta shift though. His teammates will be better against armor and overall it will be less common. That’s a big buff for Winston, worth getting his own armor nerfed for.

Something to keep in mind btw, this isn’t a huge nerf for armor. Nobody was even using pellets or rifles because they’re (they were? Ptr always makes that part of grammar confusing) useless, but even with all this burst damage flying around, we were still in a tank meta. The armor nerf just makes the substance less overwhelming for those most effected by it.
Anyway, back to the tanks.

Hammond mostly uses his adaptive shield to really tank so armor nerfs don’t hit him that hard, besides shotguns. He benefits the same way Winston does, the armor nerfs discourage the kind of meta thats been making him useless.

I dunno, if Brig is as useless as they say than she probably won’t be able to prop him up anymore. Then it just becomes season 9 again, except deathball sees more play because of buffs to a lot of its members like Lucio, Ana, Hanzo, Reaper, and Mei; but not Reinhardt.


orisa’s not really affected by these changes

reinhardt, d.va, and brigitte are hurt from the armor changes more than other heroes, and a nerf to goats is a buff to orisa


I would say he does lose more than her because he’s actually weak to the heroes this helped, and Orisa’s fortify moves a lot of weapons back down to the 6 damage mark. For instance, a Tracer clip of headshots won’t be reduced to half on a Rein, whilst they will still be reduced to a quarter on a fortified Orisa.


When did armor change so it no longer starts reducing damage under 10 by 50%? Is it under 6 now?


Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – January 7, 2019:

It’s a bit confusing but basically it the change means the max amount of singular damage that is reduced by armor has been changed from 5 to 3 and is capped at half damage otherwise this change would have made D.Va’s damage go from 2 per pellet to -1.


So basically if something did 10 damage, instead of reducing it to 5 and effectively halving it, the reduction is capped at 3 so it’d go down to 7 regardless of the 50% thing?

Also this must mean reapers reduction rounds up, right? it used to half to 3.5 in this case, and now it’d go down to 4 per pellet? So if this is the case…he gained 10 damage a shot on certain tanks.


Seems that way


But reaper now has 50% lifesteal up from 30%. A body shot will heal him for 70dmg, headshot 140. You Will basically be able to wraithform in and kill a tank 1v6 xD


How? His armor is nerfed, but his weapon isn’t more effective against armor after this. There’s literally nothing better about him.


Just nerf the hammer dad