What mass Res would look like with a cast time

Obviously that’s not balanced.

Lmfao, To be fair that’s a easy misunderstanding.

Tf are YOU reaching at? You posted a clip of him “insulting all mercy mains” and I said that that was misleading he just called a particularly bad mercy main a bot. And you then say I defend toxicity. WTF.

what is that?

A movement to bring peace and a spaghetti emote for Brigitte

It’s considered (in European countries) universally understood for the purposes of conversation to assume the gender is female (if you don’t know the gender of the person). At least, that’s what a professor I had told me once.

Also, for the purposes of conversation in gaming, if you don’t know the gender of a player, you use the pronouns of the character they’re playing as. For a temporary period of time, the player IS that character.

Thank god this thread talks about a cast time then.

Name an ultimate that isn’t unfun to play against when pulled of successfully.

No. It was first quite fun to use. But it was ridiculously overpowered so they continuously nerfed it until valk just became underpowered.

“Destroying the game”. Mass Ress was atleast balanced.


Couldn’t agree with you more except the last part. Mercy is the most loved character in the game.

Bringing back mass Resurrect with tweaks and a new e ability is not a revert. A revert is indeed the last thing we need.


I feel nostalgia for old rez ultimate at this point

But it’s pronounced bri-geet-uh not bri-get-ee. reeeeee. Sounds lit. How does the movement operate?

I’m pretty sure I’m on the North American forums though? And in Canada/America we usually just say they or them. While in mexico they refer to an unknown gender as he so :woman_shrugging:

It stands in the middle of a battle between the mercy mains and the Mercy haters and stops the fighting
Also I pronounce it the “bruh-gee-tuh” spaghetti movement


I admire the thought but I feel like it won’t help much.

We will bring peace and we won’t stop fighting for peace until a mercy peace treaty is signed

The majority of Latin based languages like Spanish, have a gendered male plurality, but many European countries have accepted that… for the purposes of assuming in conversation, it’s considered polite to just go with she. And if mistaken, no harm no foul.

At least, that’s what my Swiss professor told me…

Why stop at mercy?

Repair pack, nade, bubble, are all there to destroy that, hide N rez mercy would still work, since nobody would get there in 3 seconds.

I don’t need to, all of them have counterplay DB can get stunned and murdered, All of the channeled ults have risks, mercy has none, them getting pulled of was hard and happened once upon a time, and none of them had the success rate of mas rez.
so there is no pulled of sucesfully for mass rez, it’s just press a button at any time, there is no pull of there.

and so was 8 second dragonblade, bet you aren’t complaining about that.

No it was not, it was destroying the game since it was completley out of place, had too much impact, and felt horrible to play against.

They never were, this is not about who feels about what, this isn’t one guy who plays a dffrent hero who thinks mass rez was braindead, it was the pros, the devs, and pretty much everyone but mercy, i am sorry but that takes priority, not valk being unimpactful for mercy.

the devs said that valk is staying and mass rez is gone, a revert is not happening, they are fine with mercy’s current state, aria can make thousands of vidoes, but that won’t change their minds,

By mercy mains, she is the most mained hero, but pretty much every other clss hates her guts from launch.

we need a new rework and even that is not urgent, mass rez should not come back, just from backlash and the fact that hide and rez mercy would probbabbly come back, and if that not, and we had LoS mercy would be trash and everyone would keep on complaining, and if the E ability was strong because her ult would now be weak…
Well it would be the same as now, the E being better then the ult but on a timer, we would find ourselves in the exact situation that got this mercy gutted.

Because the mercy war is the most brutal and violent war the forums has ever seen

It’s a bad strategy. Why would anyone use it? Especially when it has a cast time. If the SR system had been fixed earlier, the strategy would’ve died on its own since you’d be taking away the motive. Also, repair pack, nade and bubble won’t be there since the whole point of “Hide n Res” is to let your team die intentionally.

Cast time means there’s counterplay now lol.

It didn’t get nerfed into an underpowered state, did it?

It wasn’t destroying the game since for the majority of its existence, Mercy was historically underpowered. It was not out of place. I don’t even know what you mean by that. Too much impact? This is rich. Ofc it’s gonna feel unfun to play against. It’s an ultimate. All ultimates are unfun to play against.

Gonna need a citation for that. Again, you don’t speak in behalf of everyone who doesn’t play Mercy.


Bringing back mass Resurrect with changes is not a revert. Loool. Do I need to spell it out for you? Also, they never said Valk is staying. After all, it was brought back after 2 years. What’s to say they won’t scrap it again?

Yeah, no.

“Hide n Res” will not be an issue.

Also, this is the Mercy rework I want:

It’s like you are ignoring that every other one had an insane lose rate, only about 10% of them resulted in what mass rez did nearly 100% of the time.

the entire community is more important then just mercy, this game isn’t mercy, this game doesn’t rotate around mercy.

Every pro (seagull, Xqc ect…)
Complained about her.
The devs admited it themselves in the patch notes with MM where she was changed.
And it was removed because of too much backlash from how horrible it felt to play against.

They said that they are fine with mercy’s current state, they didn’t mention her in the changes or in the dev update meaning that they feel she is in a good state.

Yeah… yeah.
It’s the reason it has been changed after all, mercy is by far the most hated hero, just look at the pros and the part where all of them say what hero they would remove mercy.
Like half of mercy mains are crying because they have a horrible reputation.
Mercy is hated, that’s a fact, she is like the support version of genji, pretty much everyone except them hates them.

I do not think you understand how dificult and expensive that would be to make…
and for blizzard it would be especially illogical to make it since… they think she is fine, it would be a waste of money and effort for something they think is completley fine.
You see the balance triangle, Mercy only has 1 for change and that is the community, and even that is only a half since a lot of people want her to stay. maybe she will get a buff, since stats are starting to show that she is bad.
the pro’s aren’t complaining.
The devs don’t seem to care, and think she is fine.
Mercy mains are complaining.
1/3 Of the triangle is completed, and that is not urgent for a balance change.
Maybe a buff becuase of stats.

In terms of numerical value, yeah. In terms of success, both are mostly equal.

Balance is more important. Valk being underpowered means it is not balanced therefore is a priority.

Last part false. First part, Seagull is the same person who said that he prefers mass ress. Lol. xQc is just toxic.

That probably will change soon since her stats are garbage and Blizz is known for saying stuff like that. Remember when they said that Mercy needs no changes cuz pickrates?

That’s the pros. We don’t know what 40million people are thinking as of now so we shouldn’t be claiming to know what their opinion is on a hero.

A fact? You can’t even prove your assertion.

She’s underpowered and people are complaining. That is enough to warrant a change.

Valk isn’t underpowered, it’s unimpactfulf, and even that would rather result in a BUFF rather then a new rework or bringing mass rez back.

Can’t deny he knows a lot about the game, toxicity has nothing to do with this.
You wouldn’t say that Gordon Ramsay’s food is bad because he yells at his employees, would you?

as i said they will probabbly buff something about her, but nothing drastic.

The pros and the devs and a large chunk of reddit and The forums.
We do know what the general opinion of the ability is.

Yes it’s a fact, People hating on mercy since she got invul.
She was allways bulletstormed with hate, on the forums in game and even the devs decided that mass rez didn’t belong in the game, that is why they took it away.

Yes, this is why i think she will get a buff soon, not some overcomplicated unnecesary rework.
People complaining is really the least of the dev’s problems, they care about OWL and the pros, and if keeping that going requires a gutted mercy, well a guted mercy it will be, sucks i know but…
We all know the most they are going to do is give her a buff because the stats are bad, they don’t care about people whining on the forums anymore…

It can’t be balanced without making her op or up. :man_shrugging:

No, but xQc is the same guy who got himself kicked out of the OWL. I take caution when listening to opinions. Also, he thinks Mercy mains are brain dead or just insinuates that.

Maybe, but like I said, they have the code for mass ress Mercy. They can literally bring it back any time they want.

No we don’t? The pros and the devs opinions is not the general opinion. Look up what general means.

Let me just stop you there. The devs definitely do not hate Mercy. Also, if all it takes to change a hero is to hate on them, literally any hero could be reworked. That’s worrying and also not worrying because it’s most likely false.

Not that complicated really.

Where’s that balance triangle you mentioned again?