What lore questions do you have?


What’s Doomfist war his planning?
Lucio and Symmetra lore.
Zenyatta Lore.
Is Reaper getting a redemption arc/playing double agent or is his completely devoid of all his past actions?
What happened at the Swiss headquaters?
What did Ana do while she was considered dead to the world?
What’s Hanzo have to do with anything?
How rich is Roadhog and Junkrat?

No one even asks How is Zenyatta? :cry:

Sorry, but Reaper is too edgy to be straight :joy:


Nope. They don’t. It’s sad.


Are there any countries that failed to stop their omnic crisis. If so, did another country annex that lost territory?


Korea is still attacked by omnics and i believe Russia is 2


What ever happened with that Lumerico stuff?
Is Zarya still hunting Sombra?
Is anyone ever gonna fix Numbani airport?
What’s Doomfist up to now anyways?
Why’d Lucio and Symmetra get voicelines about Lucio’s dad but nothing else?

Are the devs EVER gonna finish a story arc or just leave literally everything half explained?


Eh, that’s not entirely the case. It depends on how well you take care of yourself, if you have any health complications, etc. 61 is old, but it’s not so old as to be unreasonable to still be able to wear armor like he does.

It’s actually something that is fairly common to see at say the local Renaissance Festival. A lot of the people dressed as knights who are faire goers for fun tend to be a bit older, as they have more disposable income to buy and wear stuff like that.

I imagine he’s in good shape simply from his life style and working for Overwatch. However, the life span at this point probably also increased as medicine becomes more efficient / advances in technology. The average life span of today is higher than say even 30, 40 years ago.


Gonna expand on the Winston’s recall story?


But he’s not just wearing it. He’s still running around and charging into battles.
I understand that you can still be really healthy at that age, but I don’t think you’d be able to hold up as well as he is


When is the story, you know, gonna start happening?


How do Roadhog and Junkrat fir into the bigger picture, as are as we know they don’t have any affiliation with Overwatch or Talon.

Maybe Hammond brings them in?
Maybe they get caught in the middle of Talon and Overwatch?


Is there an organization/followers of “The Iris” and are they plotting something big that Talon may be fighting against?

Is Zenyatta “a good guy”? Will Blizzard read my mind and release that Omnic legion-esque hero leading the Omnic revolution/campaign?

Is there an underwater community of Omnics outside of Korea? What is the hidden reason for their attacks?

In a battle/cinematic, would Mei really be running around with her endothermic blaster? Or would the writers rather her support Overwatch as an actual scientist? Who else in the roster doesn’t canonically fight?


Pretty much anything about Mercy’s backstoy. Random Swiss orphans don’t rise to prominence out of nowhere. Who funded her research in the first place? OW picked her up because of her advancements in medicine. She’s the most popular hero in the cast, you think we’d know something about her aside from “She’s a pacifist”


We should get at least one of their face’s revealed by next year… at least!


What was the big anomaly Mei’s team found in Antarctica that gave them a ton of data???


Pre or Post the AI’s screwing with her head?

She isn’t the same person anymore.

Mei was looking at climate data, she didn’t know about the omnics population explosion, which was the anomaly.


They left him to die.


The suit could also have some sort of tech that helps with the weight built into it? It’s gotta have something to regulate the heat anyway.

Why do I say that you might ask? Because it has a god damned jet engine on the back haha! I think that has to be the bigger question, how the heck does he not melt in said suit!?


Is there anywhere official that says that? And why did they have to be in Antarctica, and how would they see a massive population all around the world from there like that…so many questions.

I always just assumed they found a glowing portal to the void or something and were measuring and recording it as they hibernated


Now I’m picturing a huge plot twist being that Cultist Zenyatta isn’t just referencing a vague void that consumes your soul into nothingness. There is an actual “void” entity, opposite to the Iris.

That would be rad.


Why did no one looked for the crew on Antarctica in those 9 years when there was no contact from them?

Not their families, not their friends, not old members from Overwatch and not even Winston.

(Also, if Mei could receive a message from Winston, then why couldn’t she send one as well? She had a connection and a laptop.)

Man, I really want to lore improve to the point these questions could be answered.


I prefer your version :slight_smile:

They do talk about the atmospherics ABOVE the anomaly, so, yeah…

We do know the atmosphere is SCREWED from the population growth, driven mainly by the omnics.