What lore questions do you have?


Michael Chu, is that you?


Ok. But then my question still stand: Is any of the heroes straight?


Torbjorn is likely straight atleast bisexual. same for Ana and Widowmaker.


Where red suit that similar to Reinhardt? Where he go to or he died?


who’s actually straight? :sunglasses:


What is the actual reason that Reaper is killing Overwatch agents.


Where’s Liao? They’re still listed as a founder of OW? Do they still exist or are they a product of retcons?




Does that one need more of a reason than “he’s a petty manchild, Talon told him to and he’s more than happy to oblige?”


Didn’t he leave junkertown before Rat found his treasure? He got bored beating them and left to find “something” (I think its winston) and afaik he hasn’t been back to junkertown since

Also I feel like this should be in story discussion since its lore questions


I believe they already stated that the game is a separate entity from actual lore and things like resurrection and transcendence aren’t in the lore


I wanna know how old tracer is and her sexuality


26, lesbian


How would you know, bub.


Well one of my questions is why isn’t this in the story discussion section…

I think my question would be when is lore going to move past the recall short.



Hmm ill do more research on the topic to determine if you’re lying or not


Reinhardt is 61, yet is still running around in heavy armor.
I don’t think normal people his age would be able to do that.
Which leads me to wonder if maybe the durability or life span of people has gone up.
Has he gotten some sort of enhancement?


What do Reaper and Roadhog’s faces look like?


How did Overwatch get disbanded, more details about the conflict between Jack and Gabriel.

Why did Gabriel join Talon if he seemed to hate it.